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SESSION 2 – Adapting the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063 at the national level and developing integrated policies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)    
Group A: Adapting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and incorporating them in national and local development policies and plans    
Group B: Integrating sectoral policies to ensure their coherence    
Presentation by Ms. Elena Proden, Specialist, Capacity for the 2030 Agenda, UNITAR Discussion PowerPoint  
Presentation by Mr. Jean-Pierre Ndoutoum, IFDD Director, OIF PowerPoint  
Group C: Cooperation between central and local governments for the realization of the SDGs    
SESSION 3 – Means of Implementation of the SDGs    
Presentation by Ms. Fabba Jammeh, Director, Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Gambia PowerPoint  
Presentation by Ms. Anne Bakilana, Program Leader, World Bank PowerPoint  
Group A: Allocating financial resources for policies and programmes towards the implementation of the SDGs    
Group B: Preparing public servants for the SDGs and strengthening science-policy interface    
SESSION 4 – Realizing the SDGs in societies in conflict and sustaining peace    
Presentation by Mr. Philémon Mfulutoma Lukoki, Deputy Naonal Coordinator of the Sustainable Development, Democrac Republic of Congo PowerPoint  
SESSION 5 – Mobilizing institutions and societies; strengthening capacities and bolstering leadership    
Group A: Transforming institutions, mobilizing public administrations, building their capacities and strengthening leadership    
Presentation by Mr. John Mary Kauzya, Chief of Public Administration Capacity Branch, DPADM, UNDESA PowerPoint Text
Governance and sustainable development commitments in Africa - Prof. Teferi Hailemichael PowerPoint Text
Group B: Mobilizing communities, civil society, and the private sector to realize the SDGs and “Leave no one behind”    
Presentation by Ms. Najat Zarrouk, Director, ALGA PowerPoint  
Presentation by Mr. Eugene Boadu, Director of Corporate Affairs, mPedigree PowerPoint  
SESSION 6 – Reviewing Implementation and Measuring Progress on the SDGs    
Speech by Mr. Stefan Schweinfest Director United Nations Statistics Division   Text
Group A: Review and stocktaking of progress at national level on SDG implementation and evaluation of results including Results- Based    
Presentation by Mr. Hyacinthe Tamalgo, Deputy Director-General for Economy and Planning, Burkina Faso PowerPoint  
Presentation by Mr. Fausto Abreu das Neves, Ministry of Finance, Trade and Blue Economy, Sao Tome and Principe PowerPoint  
Group B: Monitoring and reviewing progress at global and regional levels: lessons learned from the voluntary national reviews at the UN High Level Political Forum on sustainable development and other reviews (including APRM, peer reviews, SDG reports)    
Presentation by Mr. Dalmar Jama, Coordinator, African Peer Review Mechanism PowerPoint  
Voluntary National Review PowerPoint  
Synthesis Report of Voluntary National Reviews PDF  
Group C: The Zambia Case Study in depth: mainstreaming the SDGS, Agenda 2063, and Climate Change into the national development plan    
SESSION 7 – Ways Forward and with What Tools?    
Learning Tools (UNITAR) PowerPoint