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Virtually Together at IGF 2020 Internet for human resilience and solidarity



2 November 2020 – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 15th annual meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) is being hosted online by the United Nations in two phases: from 2 to 6 November and from 9 to 17 November (excluding the weekends).

Under the overarching theme ‘’Internet for human resilience and solidarity’’, the premier UN-hosted annual event will bring together over five thousand experts, leaders and stakeholders of all sectors and all parts of the world, to discuss the impact of the Internet on our lives within four key thematic tracks: (1) Data; (2) Environment; (3) Inclusion and (4) Trust.

Community-facilitated sessions

Through more than 200 different sessions, international and intergovernmental organisations, governments, businesses, civil society and technical communities will engage in dialogues on some of the most pressing issues on digital public policy. The critical thematic discussion frameworks will relate to:


  • Inclusion, as a key contributor to stronger economies and enhanced economic development through shared wealth, shared employment, and equal opportunity for all, as well as a vital enabler in fully achieving the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. How can we overcome the issues and challenges to achieving inclusion for all?
  • Online data revolution as a contributor to inclusive economic development, while safeguarding people’s rights and freedoms.
  • Safer environment, with technologies helping to achieve the agreed climate action goals and digital technologies reducing their environmental footprint to support UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
  • Public Trust in technologies and decision-makers, as an essential element for the Internet to reach its full potential as a tool for empowerment, a channel of free speech and an engine of economic development.


High-Level Leaders Track

Within the Forum’s High-Level Leaders Track, some of the world’s most prominent experts and leaders from all sectors will gather together to discuss the role of Internet governance in the age of uncertainty. In times of emergencies, how can the Internet and digital public policy support people to continue to thrive? The Track sessions will focus on these issues and their connection to the areas of health, security, economy, social development and environment.

In addition to the multistakeholder nature of the high-level leaders track panels, the IGF 2020 will also feature a Parliamentary Roundtable high-level session to support continuity and linkages between the annual meetings of IGF ‎‎with other global, regional and national legislative bodies. The interactive discussion between members of parliaments from all parts of the world will focus on ways of building trust, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery period.

The track will be live-streamed, with interpretation available in the six official UN languages.


Youth engagement

The 15th IGF is investing special effort in youth engagement. This year’s IGF 2020 Global Youth Summit will facilitate an interactive discussion platform for the ideas and ‎concerns of youth participation organised across all regions.


IGF Village

The Forum will also feature its traditional IGF Village in a form of a virtual fair. Over 70 different organisations will display their work on Internet governance and create spaces for live-online networking with all participants.


About the IGF

The IGF has been convened by the United Nations Secretary-General since 2006, as a Forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue on public policy issues related to key elements of Internet governance, such as the Internet’s sustainability, robustness, security, stability and development. The Forum meets annually to maximize the opportunity for an open and inclusive dialogue on the exchange of ideas on Internet governance issues; create opportunities to share best practices and experiences; identify emerging issues and bring them to the attention of the relevant bodies and the general public; as well as to contribute to capacity development for Internet governance. This year marks the 15th annual edition of the Forum, that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be hosted online by the United Nations under the overarching theme ‘’Internet for Human Resilience and Solidarity’’.


For additional information, live webcast, and schedule, please visit: https://igf2020.intgovforum.org/


Media and other stakeholders are encouraged to participate and engage in all sessions.


Secretariat contacts


Chengetai Masango, chengetai.masango@un.org
Anja Gengo, anja.gengo@un.org
IGF Secretariat


Wai Min Kwok, kwok@un.org
UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs