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Local Online Service Index (LOSI)

The 2022 LOSI comprises 86 indicators relating to five criteria: institutional framework (8), content provision (25), services provision (18), participation and engagement (17), and technology (18).

  • The institutional framework dimension focuses on municipal e-government strategy, organizational structure, legislation governing access to information and privacy, and open data policy.
  • For content provision, the aim is to identify the extent to which essential public information and resources are available online.
  • The third criterion is services provision, focusing on the availability and delivery of targeted government services.
  • The fourth criterion is participation and engagement, which assesses the availability of mechanisms and initiatives for interaction and opportunities for public participation in local governance structures.
  • The technology dimension focuses on technical features of the portals to specify how the site and content are made available for users; relevant indicators relate to factors such as accessibility, functionality, reliability, ease of navigation, visual appeal, and alignment with technology standards.