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E-Participation Index

Promoting participation of the citizenry is the cornerstone of socially inclusive governance. The goal of e-participation initiatives should be to improve the citizen's access to information and public services; and promote participation in public decision-making which impacts the well-being of society, in general, and the individual, in particular.

The e-participation index (EPI) is derived as a supplementary index to the UN E-Government Survey. It extends the dimension of the Survey by focusing on the use of online services to facilitate provision of information by governments to citizens (“e-information sharing”), interaction with stakeholders (“e-consultation”), and engagement in decision-making processes (“e-decision making”).

E-Participation Framework:

  • E-information: Enabling participation by providing citizens with public information and access to information without or upon demand
  • E-consultation: Engaging citizens in contributions to and deliberation on public policies and services
  • E-decision-making: Empowering citizens through co-design of policy option and co-production of service components and delivery modalities.