City Data

These pages present the results of a study assessing the e-government portals of selected cities using the Local Online Service Index (LOSI). This process was initiated in 2018 as a pilot study assessing portals in 40 cities and seeks to continue to provide evidence-based data to contribute to the assessment of progress made in local e-government development. The pilot assessment of local e-government development has been expanded from 40 cities in 2018 to 100 cities in 2020.


For more details about the LOSI, pls review Chapter 4 of the United Nations E-Government Survey 2020 and Chapter 7 of the United Nations E-Government Survey 2018.

Links to the pdfs:

United Nations E-Government Survey 2020

United Nations E-Government Survey 2018

Download City Data

UN E-government Knowledge Base is being prepared for UN E-Government Survey 2022 Global Launch and in the meantime, detailed city pages will be under maintenance. You can download the datasets of Local Online Service Index for the years of 2018 and 2020 below.

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LOSI 2018


LOSI 2020