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New Zealand

Website National Portal
Region Oceania
Sub-Region Australia and New Zealand
Income * High income
Income Value 30,640
USD, GNI per capita
Population 4,368,136
E-Government Development Index 0.8653
Rank 8 of 193
E-Participation Index 0.9492
Rank 5 of 193
* Income data refer to World Bank classification

Online transactional services at the forefront of government transformation

New Zealand’s public service has committed to offering easy access to government services in an online environment. The Government aims to have all new services offered online by 2017. At the same time, it continues to recognize the importance of face-to-face interaction for those without Internet access.

 Measures to protect personal information such as the establishment of system architectures that incorporate security and privacy principles, security and privacy awareness-raising with clear accountabilities through to executive levels, and regular audit of government information systems are a component of central to the Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017, and recognized as paramount in building public trust in public services. Collaboration among departments, supported by strong leadership in the form of a Government Chief Information Officer, is seen as crucial to moving transactional services online, and has been a central plank in the national plan to transform public sector ICT.


E-Government (2016 EGDI: 0.8653)
2016 Rank 8
2014 Rank 9
Change -1
E-Participation (2016 EPART: 0.9492)
2016 Rank 5
2014 Rank 19
Change -14

E-Government Development Index

EGDI Rank 2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 2005
New Zealand 8 9 13 14 18 13

E-Participation Index

EPART Rank 2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 2005
New Zealand 5 19 25 4 6 6

Online Service Index

Telecommunication Infrastructure Index

Human Capital Index