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Republic of Moldova

Website National Portal
Region Europe
Sub-Region Eastern Europe
Income * Lower middle income
Income Value 2,070
USD, GNI per capita
Population 3,573,024
E-Government Development Index 0.5995
Rank 65 of 193
E-Participation Index 0.6610
Rank 50 of 193
* Income data refer to World Bank classification

Promoting OGD usage in Moldova

One of the difficulties in launching open government data initiatives may lie in low public interest. Moldova is facing just such a problem. Its citizens are not demanding disclosure of government data, in contrast with most other countries where government data was released under strong public pressure. Officials in Moldova supporting an open data initiative have held events to generate interest and awareness .around the issue, in addition to training sessions on data journalism and app development using open data.

According to these officials, a Moldova-based NGO is working on a project called Budget Stories that would essentially release budgetary information in the form of infographics, creating visual stories behind the facts. In a separate initiative, a group of students in Moldova is combining different cartographic and geographic data to produce maps that will assist the government visualising certain domestic challenges.


E-Government (2016 EGDI: 0.5995)
2016 Rank 65
2014 Rank 66
Change -1
E-Participation (2016 EPART: 0.6610)
2016 Rank 50
2014 Rank 40
Change +10

E-Government Development Index

EGDI Rank 2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 2005
Republic of Moldova 65 66 69 80 93 109

E-Participation Index

EPART Rank 2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 2005
Republic of Moldova 50 40 38 58 116 151

Online Service Index

Telecommunication Infrastructure Index

Human Capital Index