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Website National Portal
Region Europe
Sub-Region Southern Europe
Income * High income
Income Value 22,800
USD, GNI per capita
Population 2,054,232
E-Government Development Index 0.7769
Rank 21 of 193
E-Participation Index 0.7288
Rank 37 of 193
* Income data refer to World Bank classification

“I suggest to the government”

 The online tool  is managed by the Government Communication Office of Slovenia. Public officials from various government ministries are ready to respond to citizens’ initiatives and evaluate the reasonableness of their proposals. If they have any problems, questions or constructive suggestions for improving the functionality of online tools, citizens can e-mail and call the Government Communication Office. Online tools available for citizens include:

• facilitating publication of new proposals;

• informing the competent authority that  will open a debate on a proposal and ask the relevant party to take an active part in it; making sure that all comments are published according to the rules of;

• hiding inappropriate comments and in their place publishing the reasons;

• judging the adequacy of the response of the competent authority;

• publishing responses to the competent authorities.


E-Government (2016 EGDI: 0.7769)
2016 Rank 21
2014 Rank 41
Change -20
E-Participation (2016 EPART: 0.7288)
2016 Rank 37
2014 Rank 84
Change -47

E-Government Development Index

EGDI Rank 2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 2005
Slovenia 21 41 25 29 26 26

E-Participation Index

EPART Rank 2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 2005
Slovenia 37 84 66 20 55 46

Online Service Index

Telecommunication Infrastructure Index

Human Capital Index