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Website National Portal
Region Americas
Sub-Region South America
Income * Upper middle income
Income Value 11,630
USD, GNI per capita
Population 195,210,154
E-Government Development Index 0.6377
Rank 51 of 193
E-Participation Index 0.7288
Rank 37 of 193
* Income data refer to World Bank classification

Universal access to the web

The government and civil society have teamed up to bridge the digital divide for the millions of Brazilians. The Rede Marista de Solidariedade—a Porto Alegre-based non-profit organization focused on social inclusion and solidarity through social projects—seeks to help bridge the digital gap in Brazil by promoting universal access to the web. New in the community of Nova Santa Marta—located in the Rio Grande do Sul city of Santa Maria—the region with the lowest human development indexes of the state, the Marista network established a Center for Digital Inclusion which focuses on areas such as meta-recycling, free robotics and tele-centers. The initiative was first implemented in a Computer Refurbishment Center in Brazil in 2005 with the support of the municipality of Porto Alegre, the Hospital Conceição healthcare group, development organization Avina Foundation and drinks producer Vonpar. The work carried out by the Computer Refurbishment Center has so far benefited thousands of users in tele-centers and schools with the donation of refurbished computers. The project offers training in hardware and free software to about 100 young apprentices from among the socially vulnerable populations.


E-Government (2016 EGDI: 0.6377)
2016 Rank 51
2014 Rank 57
Change -6
E-Participation (2016 EPART: 0.7288)
2016 Rank 37
2014 Rank 24
Change +13

E-Government Development Index

EGDI Rank 2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 2005
Brazil 51 57 59 61 45 33

E-Participation Index

EPART Rank 2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 2005
Brazil 37 24 31 42 23 18

Online Service Index

Telecommunication Infrastructure Index

Human Capital Index