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Website National Portal
Region Europe
Sub-Region Southern Europe
Income * High income
Income Value 33,860
USD, GNI per capita
Population 60,508,978
E-Government Development Index 0.7764
Rank 22 of 193
E-Participation Index 0.9153
Rank 8 of 193
* Income data refer to World Bank classification

Compass of Transparency

The demand for transparency across the public administration has been growing exponentially in Italy. Under new laws introduced since 2009, the website of every public administration is now the main vehicle of transparency. To date there are 42 typologies of different information and data that should be present by law on public administration websites (e.g. balance sheets, consultants, data about executives, performance plans, complete information about the organizational structure and the services provided to citizens). The ‘Compass of Transparency’ (La Bussola della Trasparenza), launched in 2012, is an online portal that gives the citizens the possibility to automatically analyze and monitor, in real time, the implementation of all the data and information requirements imposed by Italian law on the websites of public administrations. The core of the system is an engine that, through many software sensors and mathematic algorithms, automatically analyses the websites in real-time or periodically. The engine verifies the presence of the contents that must be legally published on the homepage and on the internal pages of more than 10,000 administration websites.


Source: Government of Italy, Ministry of Public Administration and Simplification

E-Government (2016 EGDI: 0.7764)
2016 Rank 22
2014 Rank 23
Change -1
E-Participation (2016 EPART: 0.9153)
2016 Rank 8
2014 Rank 19
Change -11

E-Government Development Index

EGDI Rank 2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 2005
Italy 22 23 32 38 27 25

E-Participation Index

EPART Rank 2016 2014 2012 2010 2008 2005
Italy 8 19 56 55 55 45

Online Service Index

Telecommunication Infrastructure Index

Human Capital Index