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E-Government Survey in Media


Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee, the city’s Department of Information & Communication in collaboration with International Data Group (IDG) Vietnam officially opened the National Conference on e-Government 2015 yesterday.

Microsoft joins hand with Vietnam to promote e-Government development

Support rapid, comprehensive deployment of e-Government, e-Health and smart transportation, Microsoft’s CityNext is considered the most optimal solution for cities’ resources and IT resources

With the major theme "E-Government, E-Heath and Smart Transportation", the conference took place at Ho Chi Minh City’s New World Hotel.

With its world’s leading IT partner, particularly in such sectors as consultancy, development and deployment of comprehensive solutions for e-Government, e-Health and smart transportation, Microsoft introduced CityNext, the citizen-centered IT solution, to empower municipal governments, organisations, businesses and citizens to build and develop future community in a more dynamic and effective way.

Recognising the crucial role of ICT in promoting the national development, the government has been prioritising the ICT industry development in Vietnam.

Consequently, Vietnam was ranked 99 out of 193 countries in the world for e-Government Development Index; 26 out of 47 in particular Asia, surpassing Malaysia and Thailand.

These were the results of the e-Government Survey in 2014 conveyed by the United Nations, based on three criteria: Online services, tele-transportation infrastructure and human capital. In addition, regarding the Global Networked Readiness Index, the World Economic Forum also ranked Vietnam at the 85th position out of 143 countries in its report in April 2015.

In Vietnam, Smart City has become a familiar concept to people.

To develop the Smart City, the ICT applications in the state management, continuously hold a key role. Along with the development of e-Government, smart transportation and e-Health are the two themes to attract large attentions of people since a city is considered ‘smart’ when it finds the most effective and most proper solutions for everyday problems, such as travel or health care for residents.

"Microsoft’s CityNext is a solution to comprehensively meet the above objectives. It assembles an ecosystem of solutions, equipment and services from reputable partners, which helps connect and sync such urban functions as developing, planning and establishing ICT infrastructure; transportation; public safety and justice; energy and water; tourism, recreation and culture; and many more," said Vu Minh Tri, general director of Microsoft Vietnam.

Microsoft’s CityNext solution has been trusted by many governments and has brought effectiveness in public administration in large cities on the global scale.

"When deploying Microsoft’s CityNext, important information will flow smoothly, securely and efficiently between departments and urban authority, between government and businesses and citizens. The effective operation process can help cities save a lot of resources, thereby supplementing resources to serve the community," Nguyen Ba Quynh, senior director of Public Sector, Microsoft Vietnam shared.

Not only that, Microsoft’s CityNext also enables leaders to take advantage of existing IT infrastructure and find new ways to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Development on the cloud platform, Microsoft’s modern solutions and big data will help cities utilise flexible cloud services, empowering personnel by advanced application and equipment at the enterprise level, and improve the capacity of the public sector, depending on the extent of use.

On deploying CityNext, via mobile devices or the Internet, civic leaders and citizens across the sectors can talk in real time; leaders can combine public needs in their decision-making and ensure that they meet the most urgent needs of community residents. Therefore, governments obtain data and feedback from citizens on all decisions, promoting transparency and community involvement.

In Southeast Asia, Singapore has succeeded with one door customs model thanks to Microsoft’s CityNext. With CityNext, organisations, customs and agents in Singapore can operate business, get the optimal resources to provide the best services to citizens and tourists.

Currently, effective ICT applications to reform administrative procedures across the districts in Danang city in Vietnam’s central region have brought in many positive changes.

The city has developed Cloud-based Data Centre model with open platforms including Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2 and Data Center 2012 to support the e-Government infrastructure.

"With Microsoft's cloud-based data centre system, we are able to integrate seamlessly with open source solutions, which helps system become more diversified, providing for a large number of customers with different needs," said Nguyen Quang Thanh, deputy director of Danang Department of Information and Communications.

In the e-Health discuss session, Microsoft also shared about solutions, technology product portfolio and cooperation to deploy with partners in reality. With its 20 year history, Microsoft's healthcare solutions have helped solve difficulties of health service, public health, social service providers, especially patients.

Currently Microsoft continues to invest in innovative technologies and partnerships with health organisations, communities and tens of thousands of global partners to improve healthcare quality. These flexible, friendly solutions together with devices that help health professionals provide better healthcare quality while significantly save costs were also showcased by Microsoft in the above-said conference.

"Microsoft’s innovative products in healthcare sector help improve information quality not only for patients but also for doctors. Doctors and patients can use a lot of equipment to access the information from anywhere and at anytime a safe and secure way," said Callum Bir, director of Social Services and Healthcare.

In parallel with the symposium conference, the Technology Exhibition for e-Government 2015 will display and introduce such modern, optimal technology solutions as Communication Infrastructure, Data Centre, Big Data, Cloud Computing, National Authentication System, Connection Centre, Management and Typical Data Sharing Solution, Information Security, e-Health Record, Traffic Management & Supervision Products and more.

The visitors can also directly exchange and discuss with leading solution providers to address issues of concern.

Country: Viet Nam
Source Date: 7/23/2015

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