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E-Government Survey in Media


The United Arab Emirates telecoms watchdog TRA has launched the User Experience Lab to help develop the online presence of government entities on the web, smartphones or in service booths. According to the TRA, advanced global methodologies are being implemented in the user experience laboratory to ensure that websites and smart applications take into account the characteristics of users and meet the needs of enterprises to access services with ease and usability.

The initiative is part of the TRA's role in advancing the UAE's digital transformation and its efforts to help government entities develop their digital services and improve the UAE's ranking in the Smart Service Index under the United Nations survey for digital Government Readiness Worldwide. It was eighth globally in 2016 and according to the objectives of the National Agenda for of UAE vision 2021, the first place is to be achieved globally by the Golden Jubilee of the UAE.

The user experience lab provides a mechanism that includes a system to follow the movement of the eye when browsing on the screen, and includes a scientifically proven methodology to ensure global knowledge of the typical behavior of users when trying to search for information or access online services. The trials are conducted by specialised teams with the participation of the stakeholders in each project, and by the presence and participation of real users representing personas for the types of user who need to visit the site, application or service booth. 

Country: United Arab Emirates
Source Date: 3/20/2018

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