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E-Government Survey in Media


Kazakhstan was ranked 39th in the United Nations E-Government Survey 2018 with a very high level of E-Government Development Index. Kazakhstan’s E-Gov online service provided 30 million Government services in 2018, while the number of registered users exceeded 8.5 million people. Healthcare services are the most popular service on the website as Kazakh citizens used this service 70,000 times in just four months. The Government also focuses to create conditions for business development. Half of the 165 Government services provided exclusively online are licenses and permitting documents including subsidy permits. The Government is planning to add another 140 services online.

Another important task for the Government is the development of the MGov mobile application. The application currently provides about 90 various services. The Government is set to expand the list of services provided. (In the future), the mobile and web versions of Government service will be synchronized. 

The E-Gov acts as a Government service platform which offers various state-related services such as renewal of passport, job placement and employment, real estate matters and legal assistance, to name a few.

Country: Kazakhstan
Source Date: 1/22/2019

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