Department of Economic and Social Affairs Public Institutions
Committee of Experts on Public Administration

Webcast recordings

4 April 2022   

 1st meeting  

Opening of the session

Governance and public administration aspects of the theme of the 2022 session of ECOSOC and the 2022 HLPF (Item 3)



2nd meeting

Building strong institutions to combat climate change and its impacts and for the sustainable management, protection and restoration of natural resources (Item 4)

5 April 2022

3rd meeting

Issues of governance and institution-building in conflictaffected countries (Item 5) 



4th meeting

Application of the principles of effective governance for sustainable development at the subnational level (Item 6)

6 April 2022

5th meeting

Dedicated consultation with observers

Dialogue with youth organizations 



6th meeting

Issues in public financial management and budgeting for the SDGs (Item 7)

Public sector workforce matters (Item 8) 

7 April 2022

7th meeting    

Dialogue with voluntary national review countries on institutional aspects of SDG 16 (Item 10)



8th meeting

Issues in digital government (Item 9)