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Committee of Experts on Public Administration

CEPA 22nd session

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27 March 2023   

 1st meeting  

Opening of the session

Institutional aspects of the theme of the 2023 session of ECOSOC and the 2023 HLPF (Item 3)



2nd meeting

Institutional mechanisms for providing economic, financial and structural support to address climate change, reduce the use of fossil fuels and protect biodiversity (Item 5)

28 March 2023

3rd meeting

Responding to the effects of climate change in institution building efforts in fragile countries emerging from conflict (Item 10) 



4th meeting

Application of the UN principles of effective governance for sustainable development for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (Item 6)

29 March 2023

5th meeting

Dedicated consultation with observers



6th meeting

Reinventing public workforce training and institutional learning towards changing mindsets in the public sector (Item 7) 

30 March 2023

7th meeting    

Peer exchange with voluntary national review countries and voluntary local review cities on experiences and promising practices in implementing SDGs 16 and 17 (Item 4)



8th meeting

Public financial management in times of emergency and implications for the credibility of budgets (Item 8) 

31 March 2023  9th meeting

Stimulating public sector innovation through digital technology and measuring the impact of digital government

(item 9)