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Committee of Experts on Public Administration

Profiles of CEPA members (2010-2013)

ECOSOC approved the UN Secretary-General’s nomination of the following 24 experts of the Committee.

Note by the Sectretary-General: Appointment of 24 experts to the Committee of Experts on Public Administration (17/02/2009)


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Note by the Sectretary-General: Appointment of 24 experts to the Committee of Experts on Public Administration (23/04/2009)


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Luis F. Aguilar Villanueva (Mexico)

General Director, Gerencia Pública



Peter Anyang' Nyong'o (Kenya)

Minister of Medical Affairs

Rowena G. Bethel (Bahamas)

Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Finance and Executive Commissioner, Compliance Commission





Vitoria Dias Diogo (Mozambique)

Minister of Public Service 




Mikhail Dmitriev (Russian Federation)

Research Director, Centre for Strategic Research




Meredith Edwards (Australia)

Professor Emeritus, University of Canberra





Walter Fust (Switzerland) 

CEO and Director General, Global Humanitarian Forum 



Bin Hao (China)

Deputy Director General, Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security


Mushtaq Khan (Bangladesh)

Professor of Economics, Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

Pan Suk Kim (Republic of Korea)

Former Secretary to the President for Personnel Policy, Office of the President of Korea and Professor of Public Administration, College of Government and Business, Yonsei University

Francisco Longo Martinez (Spain)

Professor, Department of Human Resources, Escuela Superior de Administración y Dirreción de Empresas (ESADE Business School) (Ramon Llull University)

Hyam Nashash (Jordan)

Assistant Professor of Educational Administration, Al-Balqa' Applied University

Joseph Dion Ngute (Cameroon)

Minister Delegate, Ministry of External Relations


Paul Oquist (Nicaragua)

Minister of National Politics and Private Secretary for National Policy to the President



Marta Oyhanarte (Argentina)

Undersecretary for Institutional Reform and the Strengthening of Democracy and National Director, Citizen Audit Programme




Odette Ramsingh (South Africa)

Director General, Public Services Commission




Siripurapu Kesava Rao (India)

Principal, Administrative Staff College of India

Margaret Saner (United Kingdom)

Adviser, Office of the Prime Minister of Kenya

Valeria Termini (Italy)

Dean, Scuola Superiore della Pubblica Amministrazione

Gwendoline A. Williams (Trinidad and Tobago)

Associate faculty member, University of West Indies

Susan L. Woodward (United States of America)

Expert Scholar and Political Adviser 


Philip Yeo Liat Kok (Singapore)

Special Adviser for Economic Development, Office of the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board

Najat Zarrouk (Morocco)

Director of Training for Human Resources, Ministry of the Interior

Jan Ziekow (Germany)

Director, German Research Institute for Public Administration