Ir. Chalid Buhari
Communication and Informatic Department of Surabaya

The Problem

The information regarding public complaints, critics and inquiries of government programs and services was available separately. Some department opened their own public complaints services while others did not. It caused difficulties to government to collect the information thoroughly when it needed to arrange action plan and programs. In addition, due to the differrent treatments and procedures of handling complaints between departments that some are probably good, while others inadequate, resulting in public disappointment and eventually lack of trust toward the government.

Solution and Key Benefits

 What is the initiative about? (the solution)
The initiave proposed here is to develop a Media Center which acts as the center of public complaints, critics and inquiries and integrates with other departments. Public are consistenly handled in standard procedure, so that it will raise their satisfaction, trust and eventually participation in surveillance function of government programs and services.

Actors and Stakeholders

 Who proposed the solution, who implemented it and who were the stakeholders?
Communication and Informatic Department of Surabaya as part of Surabaya City Government proposed the development of Media Center and act as the leading sector to implement the solution in order to solve the problem.

(a) Strategies

 Describe how and when the initiative was implemented by answering these questions
 a.      What were the strategies used to implement the initiative? In no more than 500 words, provide a summary of the main objectives and strategies of the initiative, how they were established and by whom.
Ever since the freedom of information regulation as part of the indicator of good governance have been implemented in April 2010. The public awareness and expectation of information need and the obligation of the government to serve its need and expectation have also been raised. Thus, the development of Media Center becomes vital to serve the needs of information and complaint of citizen of Surabaya toward the city and government programs. Communication and Informatic Department of Surabaya as the leading sector of the media center use the strategy of the media approach by using various media that citizen have been familiar with. The massive growth of the internet and social media also contribute to the vast development and dissemination of the information regarding media center. So that, citizen can easily access and interact with Media Center as simple as they reach their phone (mobile) phone or log on to the internet.

(b) Implementation

 b.      What were the key development and implementation steps and the chronology? No more than 500 words
The integration between IT supporting system, the human resources in Media Center and all departments are the keys of the development and implementation of Media Center. The IT supporting system consists of 3 systems, i.e quick response, integration, and information. Quick Response System is an application to receive complaints or information from the public over the phone which is connected with the database. In quick response system application, there are several menus that must be filled such as: Name, Address, Personal Identity Number/Register, Employment, Marital Status. This relates to the validity of the data obtained and facilitate integration. The data has been loaded and stored in the system of quick response will become a database. Application Integration system is a backup system that can be accessed by the team of Media Center and integrate these system into related department whom the leading sector of the issues complaint or inquired. After getting the response from the related department, the response will be filled to these application. Application of information system is system that display information data and sms calls that go into the Media Center. Meanwhile, the human resources that also consist of 3 teams, i.e quick response, integration, and information, assure that all the complaints and inquiries will be answered not more than 1x24 hours (a day) as the standard procedure, by integrating it to a team called handling complaint team whose members are the civil servants from all departments. Their memberships are strengthened by the legal regulation of Mayoral Decree. Thus, the assurance of the time limitation reach can be fulfilled.

(c) Overcoming Obstacles

 c.      What were the main obstacles encountered? How were they overcome? No more than 500 words
Since the media center was newly launched on November 2011, it still needs to be widely spread to the approximately 3 million citizens of Surabaya. Thus, Communication and Informatic Departments of Surabaya as the leading sector of the media center is still working on doing socialization intensively about the media center to the citizens through the media and citizen roadshow.

(d) Use of Resources

 d.      What resources were used for the initiative and what were its key benefits? In no more than 500 words, specify what were the financial, technical and human resources’ costs associated with this initiative. Describe how resources were mobilized
The financial, technical and human resources associated with the media center is fuly supported by Surabaya City Government through Communication and Informatic Department as the leading sector.

Sustainability and Transferability

  Is the initiative sustainable and transferable?
The initiative is sustainable and transferable since it is fuly supported by Surabaya City Government and the public. Public have taken the benefit by the presence of the Media Center. There are significant improvement in numbers of public participation. In the period 1 January to 31 October 2011 (pre-launch of media center), numbers of public complaints handled are about 350 complaints. While the period only on November (1 month of post-launch of media center) numbers of public complaints are 100 complaints. Public also appreciates the presence of the media center by posting gratitude comments on facebook of media center regarding their satisfaction toward the service of media center. The service of document of birth that usually takes long time and causes problems to public can be finished faster because of the help of media center.

Lessons Learned

 What are the impact of your initiative and the lessons learned?
The bonding between government and public can be strengthened. It affects in the growth of public trust and participation, indeed the sense of belonging of public toward the city and the government. Public slowly but sure are taught not only to complain but also to find the solution of the issues complaint by sharing and discussing between public and government through the media center. Eventually the good government can be created toward the transparency of information.

Contact Information

Institution Name:   Communication and Informatic Department of Surabaya
Institution Type:   Government Agency  
Contact Person:   Chalid Buhari
Title:   Chief of Communication and Informatic Department  
Telephone/ Fax:   +62315463770
Institution's / Project's Website:
Address:   Jimerto Number 25 - 27, 5th floor
Postal Code:   6000
City:   Surabaya
State/Province:   East Java
Country:   Indonesia

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