Núcleo de Interatividade do Veterano ( Veteran Interactivity Center - NIVE)
Polícia Militar da Bahia (Military Police of Bahia)

A. Problem Analysis

 1. What was the problem before the implementation of the initiative?
Right after the advento f the Statute of the Elderly (Estatuto do Idoso), the Military Police of Bahia, created in its funcional estruture, in the year of 2004, the NIVE - Center of Interactivity of Military Police of Bahia. NIVE has as its function to promote by means military police servers, either in reserve or retired, hence called “veterains”, become more participant in the social context, acquire the deserved recognizement of the duties provided to the corporation and society, as to maintain their self-esteem and quality of life, as well as to prepare them for retirement. With about 32 thousand individuals in activity, the Military Police of the State of Bahia (PMBA) has around 12 thousand Veterans (retired elderly). This population is growing, therefore an average of 800 new individuals retire every year. Before the creation of NIVE (Center of Interactivity of Military Police of Bahia), there was no program that sought to prepare and accompany this contingent. They used to see retirement as loss of their social identity and of “status”. Considering that this new phase of their lives could take them to a deep existential idle and depression. Law itself, when naming retired police officers as “Inactive” induces retirement to laze, to “not having a function”. This functional identity loss, the fear of returning to their homes, the removal from the barracks, the condition of being elderly, preoccupation with financial issues, the end of productive stage, used to make the retired PM (Military Police server) identify retirement as a great problem within their lives, a great obstacle to be transposed. It was necessary to show and lead the PM (Military Police server), to new options of life, possibilities of a proactive life, even in retirement. As we created NIVE, we identified some questions to be solved, among them: demystification of the concept of “inactive”, showing that when men reaches the age group considered by the law to be within the category of “inactive”, men is actually at his existential plenitude, when wisdom and experience are the flagship of their actions; the need to grant and preserve their material and immaterial patrimony to the generations to come; point to the Veteran (elderly) the possibility of performing ludic and recreational activities, and lead them to the desired options; enable growth of elderly PM’s self-esteem and their families; reassure the principles of citizenship along with the veterans; the need to promote speeches and Veteran encounters with specific themes aimed for this group; the urge to show the Veteran, alternative ways of life on what comes to health, leisure, relationship and non-existence (before NIVE) of a program that would prepare them for retirement, among other worries.

B. Strategic Approach

 2. What was the solution?
Solution has been proposed by a Project elaborated by Lieutenant Colonel Josemar Silva da Cruz and by the Police Major Gustavo Antonio Jonde Monteiro. The creators of NIVE, with the draft of the Project, promoted reunions with diverse elderly veteran groups, in order to adapt it to real need of this social segment. Basically, the creation of NIVE had as its focus the following aspects: to introduce a culture of respect to Elderly (retired) of the PMBA Corporation (Military Police of Bahia); improve the self-esteem of this social group; promote the socialization of the same; bring the back, along with their families, to barrack reality, showing that the Corporation has not abandoned them after retirement; demystify the word “Inactive”, incerting the “Veteran” word and culture in PMBA (Military Police of Bahia); reassure principles of citizenship; rescue, value and perpetuate memory recordings and transmission of information and skills of the Veteran to youngers as means to give continuity to cultural identity; the need of a creation of the Program of Preparation for Retirement and Reserve (PPRA). Some of the strategies have been developed to change the frame in which the 12 thousand Veterans (retired elderly) of PMBA (Military Police of the State of Bahia). Among them we can highlight: maintain the updated the cadaster of the target-public; implement a Program of Preparation for Reserve and Retirement (PPRA); assure trustworthy from NIVE to the Veterans, accomplishing commitments and respecting Veterans; promote speech cycles, meetings, courses, livings, and tours with the Veterans and their families in the city of Salvador and other cities of Bahia, aiming the spread of the philosophy of work, create a flag, arms and and the anthem Veterans of Peace, with symbols that would translate moral and ethical values; create a symbol for the PPRA (Program of Preparation for Retirement and Reserve) representing the time the veteran served the Corporation; create the Dia of the Veteran Military Police Server, celebrated every year at the 13th of July; promote interchange and approximation of NIVE, not only to general society, but specifically, with governmental and non-governmental institutions that deal with the elderly issues and retirement; promote ludic-leisured and sportive activities, such as walks, carnival parade; the creation of standardized and personalized pins, folders, pens, and notepads; add to book fairs a stand of PMBA (Military Police of the State of Bahia) with publications by Veterans; promote domiciliary visits to veterans struck by some kind of decease; speeches and courses of the Veteran’s interest; act as Veteran hearing, forwarding problems to competent sectors, among other initiatives. The results are still happening, for we are among changes in behavior culture of an institution of more than 180 years of existence. Thus these transformations are at frank process of construction. The transformations therefore are widely noticeable at the barracks. We inserted at the Corporation, the concept of “being a veteran”, particularly when we named Veterans, the Reserve and Retired personnel, inappropriately defined by the legislation as “inactive”. With these actions, we have been having practical and objective results, though all and every official documentation is being corrected, having banished the term “inactive”. Moreover, on the spoken language field, in everyday language, the term Veteran became a reality, translating pride and improving self-esteem of the elderly and retired from PMBA (Military Police of the State of Bahia). NIVE (Center of Interactivity of Military Police of Bahia) has also been serving as link between the Veterans and the administrative sectors of PMBA, on the conduction and solution of personal and familiar (and among other) problems. By creating leisure options, such as carnival parade, tours, rides and among others, NIVE offers to veterans, opportunities of fun, and reencounter. Former colleagues and companions can now be reached. We are able to assure the information above, after leaning before hundreds of recorded testimonials by veterans available on our archives. The actions implemented by NIVE are interactive and they complete themselves strengthening the cultural tissue of respect to the retired Military Police Server.

 3. How did the initiative solve the problem and improve people’s lives?
After visits and interchange with many institutions that deal with the Elderly, it was possible to observe that the Veteran Interactivity Center has been useful and creative. For there hasn’t been identified another initiative with the same characteristics and purposes. NIVE has been developing actions of artistic and cultural nature within the PM (Military Police) barracks, translating, thus, its innovative and creative characteristic. Examples of innovative actions are: - Culture and Art Hall with the exposition of works of art of the Veterans, within the headquarters; - Program of Preparation for Reserve and Retirement, in constant construction, with participation of academics, familiars, elderly veterans, ecumenical service, among other actions; - Grouping of Veteran Cops that takes part in all an every solemnities civil and military of PMBA; - The invitation for the veterans are made through conventional means (Emails, Intranet, Internet, Facebook, Posters, etc) but also through phone calls; - Visits at their homes and also to hospitals. - Veteran hearing - Veteran stand the book fairs - Courses in first aid and accident prevention for elderly veterans; - Creation of Veteran's Day.

C. Execution and Implementation

 4. In which ways is the initiative creative and innovative?
Realizing the huge gap in the PMBA regarding effective actions to the elderly and retired in PMBA, in 2004.Then Major PM Josemar Silva da Cruz (active) and retired Major , Jonde Gustavo Antonio Monteiro , presented the project of creation of the Center of Interactivity of Military Police of Bahia - NIVE to Colonel Antonio Ribeiro de Santana , then Commanding General of the Corporation. Immediately the project was approved by the Commander, getting under the coordination of the two senior officers creators of Center. Knowing how present and strong professional identity and symbols are, and how much it is for the life of militarism and military, was created following conception of heraldry, the arms of the NIVE , which sought to portray the entire range of moral values , of conduct and other relevant symbolic representations. This arm, used throughout NIVE documentation, came to represent the retirees of PMBA . A pennant was also created in the same pattern used in the barracks, with the embroidered arm of the center. In order to know what the real concerns of the elderly PM (Veterans), the creators of the NIVE promoted several meetings with officers and soldiers of reserve and reform. It was noticed that, effectively, they felt abandoned by the corporation and that there was the will to rapprochement. In the same year, in 2004, aiming to promote rapprochement, NIVE promoted a series of lectures and meetings of this group in the barracks. Was then created by NIVE, the Hall of Culture and Art, providing the opportunity for retired military officers and not retired to expose artistic and cultural works such as paintings, sculptures, films, plays, books and other artistic expressions created by themselves. The exhibition at the General Command Headquarters was open to the public in general, with the visitation of thousands of people. Realizing the need for a group that represented the military police veterans as civic - military parade, the Grouping of Military Police Veterans was created. This action strengthened, greatly the sense of civility, corporate citizenship and love among Veterans . Realizing the need to make the transition less traumatic for retirement NIVE created, in 2006, the Preparation Program for Reserve and Retirement (PPRA). The program, which occurs three times a year , has unique characteristics and structure , showing the Military Police ( PM ) retired the possibilities of a proactive life in this new phase of their lives, guiding them and strengthening the link between their families and the Corporation. Besides the PPRA, a number of other tools have been created to strengthen the culture of respect for the Military Police Veteran. The choice of the name "Veteran" to designate the retired PM, was a strategy to print more respectability to the retiree PM. The structure of NIVE was elaborated by creating an Internal Regulation, with Gerontology sector. Subsequently, the Center was inserted into the organizational structure of PMBA through Governmental Law. Subsequently, other tools were created, such as the arms of NIVE, following conceptualization of heraldry , music and lyrics of the Song “Veterans of Peace " ; Military Police Veteran 's Day, My Life Our History, consisting of recording testimonies of the veterans twice a week ; program Survey and Diagnose Biopsychosocial and Spiritual retired PM, constantly feeding the process of collection of testimonies ; Salon Culture and Art ; Carnival Parade for Veterans and their families , which occurs once a year ; Digital Inclusion program, among others .

 5. Who implemented the initiative and what is the size of the population affected by this initiative?
Besides the lead actors, Lieutenant Colonel Josemar Silva da Cruz , Major Antonio Gustavo Monteiro Jonde and then Commanding General of PMBA , colonel Antonio Jorge Ribeiro de Santana , various institutions participated and continue to participate in the project through technical cooperation and providing speakers for the PPRA . Among them we can mention: Secretariat of Social Development of the State of Bahia; Department of Social Welfare of Bahia; Reference Center and Elderly Assistance Bahia, and Reference Center AIDS Relief - Bahia; Support Service for Micro and Small Enterprises - Bahia; Social Service of Commerce - Bahia, Special Representative of the Attorney General of Bahia, Office of the General Command of the PMBA; Personnel Department of PMBA; Secretary of Culture of Bahia; Public Defender Specialized Elderly - Ba; DMV - Bahia , the Palmares Cultural Foundation, Brasilia; Recycle Guys in Development; Open UNIVErsity of the Third Age UNIVErsity of Bahia; Precinct Aging; Secretariat for Human rights of the Presidency of the Republic, Brasilia, Department of Justice and Human rights of Bahia; Secretariat Administration of Bahia , State Council of the Elderly; Alcoholics Anonymous; Department of Health PM; Inter-institutional Center for assistance and Protection of the Elderly; Inter-Religious Committee of the PM, Center for the Study of African Matrix Religions - PMBA; Evangelical Chaplaincy of PMBA; Catholic chaplaincy of PMBA: Spiritual Center of PMBA, the PMBA Board of Education .
 6. How was the strategy implemented and what resources were mobilized?
All materials resources, movable and immovable property, services, among others, are allocated from the state budget. In the three rooms of the NIVE services bureaucracy, meetings, interviews, etc. Other actions that require more space and more logistics such as auditorium, are held in the PMBA own spaces or spaces assigned by other public institutions. NIVE employs directly in the administration and planning, an officer of the corporation - seven trainees with higher education, working full time in the planning, development and monitoring of actions. Other professionals, sociologists, therapists, psychologists, gerontologists, teachers, lawyers, economists, etc, are hired by other departments and public bodies. Therefore, in view of its practicality, the project does not burden the public coffers, making it absolutely feasible.

 7. Who were the stakeholders involved in the design of the initiative and in its implementation?
1 - Editing and launch, through the Department of Justice and Human Rights in Bahia, book for Veterans, entitled " Interactivity Center for Veteran Military Police of Bahia - Shares of Nucleus Interactivity PMBA and Strengthening of Veteran Culture and respect for the Military Police Reserve and Reform ", authored by Lieutenant Colonel PM Josemar Silva da Cruz , based on technical and scientific research by the same author . 2 - Technical -Scientific Research authored by Lieutenant Colonel Josemar Silva da Cruz , the Specialization Course on Strategic Management of Public Security , sponsored by the UNIVErsity of the State of Bahia and Academy of Military Police of Bahia , with the theme : " Share the NIVE and strengthening the culture of " being a veteran" and respect for the Military Police of booking and reform " , in which , using printed , oral and iconographic sources , showed the results mentioned in item 8 . According to the survey, 95.5 % of respondents approve of the creation of the NIVE. 3 - Participation at the invitation of Lieutenant Colonel Josemar, an author and coordinator of the NIVE, as speaker or congressman in national and international events related to human aging and retirement , as mentioned in item 10. 4 - Work of completion , written by Mário Sérgio dos Santos Ferreira , Faculty July 2 , with the theme : " The contribution of the PPRA , improving quality of life and increased self -esteem Veteran , reaching following conclusion : Through the findings and results presented here , it can be stated that the hypothesis that guided this research was fully confirmed , ie the preparation program for the Reserve contributes to improving the quality of life and increased self -esteem the Military Police , making it wake up to the future in a more planned and structured . 5 - The NIVE was awarded three times : by the Department of Administration of Bahia , through the tender Good Practices in Public Service ( 2010 ), the Secretariat of Justice and Human Rights of Bahia , through Orlando Gomes Award ( 2010 ), the Server program and Co. , the Bandeirantes ( 2007 ) .

 8. What were the most successful outputs and why was the initiative effective?
8.1 - Monograph Course Administration Faculty of July 2 , Mário Sérgio Ferreira dos Santos , with the theme : " The contribution of the PPRA , improving quality of life and increased self -esteem Veteran , reaching the following conclusion : through the findings and results presented here , it can be stated that the hypothesis that guided this research was fully confirmed , the preparation program for the Reserve contributes to improving the quality of life and increased self-esteem of the Military Police , causing it to awaken the future in a more planned and structured . 8.2 - The Preparation Program for Reserve and Retirement (PPRA) , which is already on its 20th edition, is evaluated by participants through questionnaires applied in the classroom , on the last day of each edition of the PPRA . Up to date some 1,500 police officers who are on the verge of retirement, answering questions about the organization and services , choice of themes and the format of the program . Of the respondents, 98.49 % cited the concept of excellent and very good to the topics discussed. Regarding the format of presentations, 94.66 % of respondents believe that is excellent and very good. The organization and services obtained 87.16 % approval of the participants with the concepts from excellent to very good. 8.3 - Working Through completion of the specialization in Strategic Management in Public Safety offered by the UNIVErsity of the State of Bahia and Academy of PMBA, we proposed the problem in order to verify that the actions implemented by NIVE have contributed to the consolidation of "being a veteran" under the PMBA and are strengthening the culture of respect for veterans of the institution. We observed a direction towards recovery of man and yet we verified that these actions effectively have brought positive results in improving self-esteem veterans. It was also proven that the culture of "being a veteran" and respect for the PM of booking and reform has been consolidated in the PMBA, not only in the barracks, but also in the wider society. That is known through interviews with personalities and civilian analysis and equipment as well as the interest shown by various institutions on studying human aging and retirement in Brazil and even abroad. The survey found that veterans are satisfied with the NIVE. When analyzing the symbols used by the NIVE in their representations, there has been caring for the preservation and enhancement of the symbolic values during the life of the military police post in this phase of their professional lives. We arrived at these conclusions taking into account that in all questions posed in the questionnaire related to the consolidation of the expression " being a veteran" and veteran, increasing culture of respect to the veteran and improve their self -esteem , satisfaction with the creation of the NIVE, preservation of symbolic referential and social reintegration were answered positively by the veterans .

 9. What were the main obstacles encountered and how were they overcome?
The main obstacles encountered were: 1 - Change in culture 2 - Territorial Extension of the State of Bahia; 3 - Large number of target audience; 4 - Stiffness in the hierarchy. 1 - The NIVE is always present through his actions. The process of culture change is rapidly developing. We notice on the day of the PMBA barracks , an institution of 183 years of existence , is finally understanding the importance and the need to support a core with the characteristics and purposes of the NIVE. 2 - To overcome the barrier of territorial extension, beyond the conventional means of disclosure of their actions, the NIVE, implements the program Internalization of the NIVE Shares, creating new centers within the state; 3 - We have the records of all veterans, about 12 thousand individuals. The communications are done through emails, internet, intranet and other resources; 4 - NIVE to call the Military Police of booking and pensioners ( retirees ) Veterans , bothered ( and still bothers ) some military officers who do not feel happy to be called veterans , just as the minor rank ones ( soldiers and sergeants ). The NIVE has changed that, by making everyone understand that the most important thing at this stage is the life that each one dedicated to public safety and the corporation. And, of course, distinctions, as noted, between the posts and graduations are observed in all circumstances, but not endorsed.

D. Impact and Sustainability

 10. What were the key benefits resulting from this initiative?
The actions of Veterain Interactivity Center of Military Police of Bahia demonstrably have brought the benefits proposed in the original design, not only for the workforce, but also to the general public. All the tools that were created by NIVE, among them the creation of a commemorative day for the Veterans (retired elderly), the name "Veterans" in place of "Inactive" , the lectures, the arms, the preparation program Reserve and Retirement, the playful events, lectures, tours ,the carnival group, lunches, publication of a book with participation of the veterans, about the actions of the NIVE and especially the respectful manner in dealing with veterans , while driving actions , reflect a philosophy of humanitarian work facing the elderly in general and in particular for the Military Police elderly. To strengthen self-esteem of the veterans , showing new possibilities of life, signaling a horizon full of possibilities, strengthening the family unit of each, making them (veterans) realize that the Corporation (PMBA) did not abandon them, highlighting the sense of citizenship, the NIVE ultimately adds value , besides rescuing , enhance and perpetuate the memory register and the transmission of information and skills to younger veteran , as a means of continuing the cultural identity . NIVE keeps in its collection a file with hundreds of testimonials from veterans, in which report that, indeed, their lives have changed for the better after the creation of the NIVE. Among these testimonials we have: 1 " I thank the PM for giving me new ways of thinking , feeling and acting, because this course is of great importance to the police. I apologize, because at first I did not credited the program. Imagine, after twenty years, fat, and I decided I will now participate Monday in a weight loss clinic from PM. I'm even thinking of taking a computer course. Thank you, God bless you " - Junior Soldier! ; 2 "I think the creation of the NIVE was a very good thing , it makes us feel useful, even if the reserve or retired , with social activities like hiking with classmates , gathering the companions of yesterday and killing the longing , and even being seen by society when we parade on Day 7 of September " Veteran Sergeant, Genaldo Almeida . ; 3 "NIVE for me has been a self-esteem awakening. Before the creation of this means of socialization and integration of PM inactive, the PM fell by the wayside companions in activity. When the Veteran, by a necessity of their rights, attended the barracks instead of being treated with love, was decried by some colleagues. "Sub Lieutenant Veteran , Climarcio de Oliveira 4 " There was a time that was not respected old. With the creation of the NIVE there is a clear change in behavior " - Captain Veteran, Adilson dos Anjos Ferreira . These are some of the testimonials from veterans about the NIVE, among many others who believe that the NIVE has positively impacted their lives. The NIVE promotes activities for the general public. Example is the Angel Guardian Project, who attended 1,825 older people in community centers in the capital and the state in 2005/2006. The project involved the participation of the Fire Department, with classes in first aid and accident prevention. This and other conduct of the NIVE, for the Veterans reflect positively in the army , in the Military Police who are still active , because they understand that your corporation will take care this way , their pensions . The look and care that the military police service in the street now has for elderly public , after the creation of the NIVE, is certainly another. The general public has seen the initiative of creating a nucleus of this nature in a very positive way , because it believes that society is facing a military police more change to a humanitarian vision, to care for their elderly and therefore of the elderly in general. It can be observed in everyday life when the old military policeman declares what is actually being more respected in the barracks, the feeling of belonging to the Corporation, whose history he helped create , yet welcomes with open arms, giving him decent treatment .

 11. Did the initiative improve integrity and/or accountability in public service? (If applicable)
The activities of the NIVE, since its inception, are being maintained by the public budget. Expense as offsets, services , permanent and consumables, are being maintained by the State Government through the PMBA . Various national and international institutions and the general public have expressed interest in the actions taken by the NIVE . The coordination of the NIVE directed the Office of Security, the Department of Administration of Bahia, in the creation of retirement preparation ( Prepare ) program. Can highlight some of these expressions of interest , for example , participation in the Collection of Texts Center for Study and Research (2010) , with the theme Preparation Program in the Reserve PMBA , the Association of College Graduates War - Ba . Other institutions , nationally and internationally, have expressed interest in knowing the NIVE . Among them , we cite some stakes Lieutenant Colonel Josemar as congressman and speaker in the following national and international events : • National Conference on the Rights of the Elderly in the Federal District (2006 ) ; • International Seminar on " Human Rights and Aging " , the Foreign Ministry , the Federal District (2005 ) ; • International Seminar on Social Gerontology , SESC - São Paulo (2004 ) ; • Training Course on the Rights of the Elderly , Bahia (2006 ) ; • Inter-American Congress of Oriented Policies for Older Persons , Under Secretariat for Human Rights of the Presidency / Brasilia (2007 ) ; • Conference + Madrid, Human Aging , Department of Human Sub Dir of the Presidency / Brasilia (2007 ) ; • First National Meeting of the Permanent Forum of Civil Society for the Rights of Older Persons in 2009 in the city of Fortaleza - Ceará ; • Second National Meeting of the Board of the Elderly , sponsored by the Human Rights Secretariat of Bahia ; • II , III and IV International Festival of Maturity , Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul ; • First Regional Meeting in Preparation for Retirement , sponsored by Petrobras College in Salvador - Bahia ; • First National Congress Guidance for Retirement in Organizations , sponsored by the Faculty of Psychology at the Federal University of Santa Catarina ; • Review Board of monographic work of completing the Degree in Public Safety Academy of PMBA, whose theme was " Proceeds of Cassation of Inactive - Questions; • Lecture series at the Academy of Military Police of Bahia, with the theme " Actions Core Interactivity Veteran " ; • Consultant and speaker of the editions of "Get Ready " program , the Department of Administration - Funprev , the Government of the State of Bahia ; • Meeting of the State Council of the Elderly, sponsored by the Human Rights Secretariat of the State Government ; • II and III International Congress of Social Gerontology and Geriatrics , Lisbon , Portugal (2010 and 2012 ) ; • Second International Convention of Anthropology , Havana , Cuba (2011 ) ; • Lecture at the Department of Human Rights, in the city of Vitória, Espírito Santo - Brazil. Given the large territory of the State of Bahia and around 12 thousand Veterans, target of our work much still needs to be done in order to satisfactorily contemplate all this clientele.

 12. Were special measures put in place to ensure that the initiative benefits women and girls and improves the situation of the poorest and most vulnerable? (If applicable)
The actions of the NIVE are under constant construction. Learning from the experience of veterans is infinite. Treat them with respect is our greatest flag. We need to strengthen increasingly among younger, the feeling of respect for our elders. Make sure they do not forget that the elderly are responsible for building the pages of history of our reality. Our dream is that the movement of respect for the elderly and retirees is becoming stronger among people. That governments and the general public to understand, once and for all, that the human being is really getting old and that most public policies and initiatives, including the private sector, aimed at this segment of society. The speeches are created, the beautiful and extensive theories of gerontology, on human aging, degenerating into reality, into effective action.

Contact Information

Institution Name:   Polícia Militar da Bahia (Military Police of Bahia)
Institution Type:   Government Agency  
Contact Person:   Josemar Silva da Cruz Josemar
Title:   Coordenador do NIVE (NIVE coordinator)  
Telephone/ Fax:   +55 71 31171487
Institution's / Project's Website:  
E-mail:   dp.veterano@pm.ba.gov.br  
Address:   Edifício Larbras, Avenida Estados Unidos, 6 , sala 604 a 606
Postal Code:   40.010-020
City:   Salvador
State/Province:   Bahia

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