Fish Certification Services Based on ISO 9001:2008 and Indonesia National Single Window
Quarantine Station Handling Fish Quality and Safety of Fisheries Products

A. Problem Analysis

 1. What was the problem before the implementation of the initiative?
Health certification of export/import to fishery commodity constitutes a requirement as well as warranty for fishery business actors to perform fishery commodity export/import at both at ports or airports. However, business actor not infrequently find constraint, among others as a long time, high cost, complexity in bureaucracy at customs level which becomes the reason for business actor in the field of fishery commodity export/import. Such constraint rises caused by several terms, among others are: 1. Queue/high waiting time (high dwelling time) caused by waiting time of goods importation at customs area and time in recommendation permitting arrangement of goods release from customs area to several related institutions which will lead to rent cost swelling at customs area which is issued by service user; 2. Service user directly manage to technical institution office, and also they are borne by travelling cost of quarantine action such as the escort, sampling, stuffing, and at the same time, service user is bothered by long queue. By direct contact between service user and technical staff, provide opportunity of the occurrence of bribes practice so that arrangement process may be conducted in shorter time. 3. System and procedure vagueness as well as law certainty in customs document arrangement may cause issuance time of import health certificate be long, which normally is more than 14 days.

B. Strategic Approach

 2. What was the solution?
Since the year of 2008, Fish Quarantine Center, Quality Controlling and Fishery Product (KIPM) security and Fishery Product security of Semarang improved SOP of fishery export/import certification process on ISO 9001 basis and integrated service of Health Certificate of fishery commodity import with INSW (Indonesia National Single Window) program in order to accelerate document arrangement (flow of document) and accelerates goods release (flow of good). Application process of export/import health certification upon fishery commodity is performed through online application. Business agency which submits certification arrangement may also monitor application progress by online and no longer imposed by travelling cost for good escort process, sampling or stuffing. This is able to accelerate process and minimize the opportunity of occurrence of bribes practice. To guarantee time process and lab test quality (as one of the requirements of certification issuance) is appropriately took place, and fast as well as recognized by international world, then KIPM Laboratory Semarang has been accredited ISO 17025. INSW program accelerates handling and controlling of import document flow by trimming inefficient line system, to be subsequently renewed by electronic system which able to improve efficiency of international trading process. By single window system, business actor to obtain permit is not necessary to come to the authorized institution. Service User can access through National System Portal of Single Window and monitor permission process on respective Government Agency (GA). KIPM Center Semarang as government agency responsible to response service to NSW system at Tanjung Emas Port Semarang. Response performed is guided to Service Level Arrangement (SLA) and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) have been stipulated. Stipulated time (Kepmen KP No.KEP.09/MEN/SJ/2010 ). In accordance with such SLA of INSW Program is expected to be able to accelerate document arrangement (flow of document) and accelerated goods release (flow of good) from customs area with maximum time of 450 minutes . . Time and cost efficiency which have been obtained by service user through INSW program will be more optimum to apply service standard of ISO 9001:2008 (Quality management System) to ensure service and satisfaction upon fish quarantine service to service user. ISO 9001:2008 promises service time of Import Certification of maximum 7 (seven) days which covers activity (supervising, sampling of laboratory test, laboratory testing, Quarantine Clearance to issuance of fish health certification).

 3. How did the initiative solve the problem and improve people’s lives?
Certification service integration into INSW makes arrangement of import certificate document can be more faster due to such system is integrated to service System in Customs and System in Service user. By combination of such both systems in service of Import Certification, will decrease customs arrangement cost and accelerates service time which the waiting time previously is 14 days to be 7 days and TPKS Rent cost and Monitoring Per Container from US$ 432 to be US$ 144. Demorage cost or postpone cost of ship Per Container from US$ 300 to be US$ 100 Effort to support implementation of such system, KIPM Center Semarang as an entity in INSW program is actively and consistently committed to response permitting in custom clearance. Subsequently we make electronic system for Application registration (PPK Online) which is integrated to INSW portal. We socialize this system to employee and service user so that implementation able to work well. KIPM Center Semarang make Information System on web basis to facilitate service user to obtain information in relation to regulation, requirement and procedure. To maintain consistency of application of ISO 9001-2008, KIPM Center Semarang perform refresh on comprehension of ISO 9001-2008 periodically to all employees. Consistency of application of ISO 17025-2008 is always maintained and improved by adding testing scope.

C. Execution and Implementation

 4. In which ways is the initiative creative and innovative?
First step to be performed is to re-design operation system and process of certification arrangement on ISO 9001 basis and to prepare supporting device of online system. After all are prepared, integration of electronic service system of fish quarantine is performed by INSW Portal, INSW Portal is a system which will perform information integration in relation to process of customs document handling and goods release. ISO 9001:2008 application is initiated by performing socialization of Quality Management System of ISO 9001-2008, quality document preparation, Procedure Preparation: namely Service of Import, Complaint and Gathering of Customer Satisfaction.

 5. Who implemented the initiative and what is the size of the population affected by this initiative?
To accelerate INSW implementation and for smoothness of INSW application, socialization is carried out to service user on facility of import permitting on INSW basis and application of quarantine permitting electronically through PPK Online. To ensure service runs in accordance with the prevailing rule and to improve service quality, therefore monitoring and evaluating should be carried out. Instrument used is by carrying out survey of customer satisfaction on each month, and internal audit and management review each year. (includes file attachment to complete this part)
 6. How was the strategy implemented and what resources were mobilized?
Stakeholders in this program are : Customs is electronic system of custom clearance which acts to sinergyze information of process of customs document handling and goods release, to ensure data and information security, to combine information flow and process between internal systems automatically. Such internal system covers system of customs, permitting, port and other system related to process of customs document handling and goods release. KIPM Center Semarang as entity ( GA) in INSW program is committed to be actively and consistently response permitting in custom clearance. Service user acts in performing custom clearance application through INSW portal and in house application of respective GA. Stakeholders in Quality Management System of ISO 9001-2008 are : Competent authority (as Top Manager) delegated duty of quality security controlling and fishery product security (import certification) to KIPM Center Semarang. To ensure consistency of implementation in KIPM Center Semarang, Competent Authority carries out evaluation in form of internal audit and KPI report. Internal audit is performed to maintain consistency of ISO 9001 application. KPI is comparison between time of certification service and time stipulated in Document of ISO 9001 (max. 7 days), KIPM Center Semarang which accepts delegating is obliged to perform service of import certification which has been stipulated in KPI and report to Competent Authority each month. Information monitoring of customer satisfaction level upon service level provided, peLRLL formed once in a year through Customer Survey by Service User which aims to measure and assess performance of application of ISO 9001 and analyzed by Community Satisfaction Index. As service unit, acts to serve complaint delivered by service user by sms, email, telephone and fill in complaint form provided. Service User consists of community both private and individual who submit permitting of import certification. And as the party who benefit, it is expected to contribute upon service performance of Import Certification through Questioner filling on Customer Satisfaction activity. Service user may deliver complaint if dissatisfaction on received service.

 7. Who were the stakeholders involved in the design of the initiative and in its implementation?
Instrument of success support of this initiative can be divided into two, namely: a. Hardware, software and communication network. Devices used are not require device with high specification and expensive, but sufficient with appropriate device such as: Hardware on service user with specification of CPU Pentium IV, RAM 1 GB equipped with software in form of data entry application (PPK Online) which is already connected to INSW through communication network. This device is functioned as entry data instrument of PPK Online. Operational cost of such instrument is supported by DIPA of KIPM Center Semarang. Hardware which is at KIPM Center Semarang with specification in form of 1 unit CPU Pentium IV, RAM 1 GB and equipped with internet network connection and supported by software of In House application integrated to INSW Portal. This device is functioned to receive PPK Online response and provide permitting response to INSW Portal. Operational Cost of such device is supported by DIPA of KIPM Center Semarang. b. Improvement of HR quality of service provider, especially administrators and operators. To prevent bribes potential internally, KIPM Center Semarang perform signing of integration treaty between staff and structural in January 2012. KIPM Center Semarang committed to create service free of corruption, this commitment is proven by realizing KIPM Center Semarang as Service Unit of WBK (Corruption Free Area) status.

 8. What were the most successful outputs and why was the initiative effective?
Initiation of KIPM Center to improve service of import certification as entity in INSW program, PPK Online and implementation of ISO 9001-2008, as well as ISO 17025-2008 Implementation of such initiation from 2008 has given benefit to service user in Quarantine Document Arrangement as Customs Requirement. As for real benefit obtained by service user are time efficiency, cost, and customer satisfaction. - Obtaining time efficiency which is very significant in quarantine document service as much as 50 percent so that obtained efficiency of operational cost of document arrangement. The improvement of customer satisfaction upon service of import certification. Such output above are as implication of commitment and consistency of application of INSW program. - Occurrence of cost decreasing spent in import arrangement process Decreasing of Arrangement Cost of Import Certification No Activity Cost Before Initiated After Initiated Time Cost Time Cost 1 TPKS Rent Cost and Monitoring Per Container 3 Days US$ 432 Per Container 450 Minutes US$ 144 /Per container 2 Demorage Cost or Postponed cost of ship Per Container Per Day 3 Days US$ 300 Per Container 450 Minutes US$ 100 /Per Container -

 9. What were the main obstacles encountered and how were they overcome?
The success of implementation of a system is influenced by several factors namely commitment, consistent and evaluation monitoring. Initiation applied by KIPM Center Semarang measured its performance by internal audit, KPI (key performance Indicator) and Management Review. Gathering of customer satisfaction upon INSW service is performed by survey of customer satisfaction. (Questioner Filling is performed once in a year). KPI reporting monthly to the competent authority to measure performance of import certification service in accordance with service promise ( maximum 7 days ). Internal Audit by the competent authority is performed once in a year in accordance with procedure stipulated in ISO 9001. Internal audit progam is specified by Quality Manager by considering interest level and critical part to be audited. Management Review is carried out once in a year in order to evaluate compatibility, adequacy and effectiveness of implementation, and to find opportunity for improvement continuously of work management system related to controlling process of fishery product which has been carried out. The success of implementation of a system is influenced by several factors namely commitment, consistent and evaluation monitoring. Initiation applied by KIPM Center Semarang measured its performance by internal audit, KPI (key performance Indicator) and Management Review. There still occurs rejection of permitting response from INSW portal if there is error in HS Code entry. Such matter sue to the existence of perception differences in comprehension of supportive data ( HS Code) used in entry data of INSW program between GA and service user. Solution of the above problem is by sichronizing the perception with service user through Workshop activity and applying Control system to data element between quarantine and service user Control system to data element constitutes monitoring application/ tracking of quarantine application document, so that service user able to recognize Agreement Letter of Goods Release issued by quarantine online, so that error of data entry by operator can be minimized

D. Impact and Sustainability

 10. What were the key benefits resulting from this initiative?
Time and cost efficiency spent by service unit is a benefit obtained from commitment and consistency of application of program of INSW and ISO 9001-2008 in KIPM Center Semarang. As for the results achieved are: a. The decrease of time service of certification arrangement, which previously is more than 14 days, currently can be finished at the longest 7 (seven days) b. Acceleration of service process is also impact to cost efficiency for service user which previously is less than US$ 732, now it is maximum only US$ 244. c. The achievement of customer satisfaction, this mtter is reflected from number (Year of 2012: 85,19 % ; in the year of 2013 increased by 90,97 % ) d. Decreasing of process of administration error e. Minimize contact between officer and service user can decrease bribes practice, this matter is proven by the stipulation of KIPM Center Semarang as work unit with predicate of corruption free area within the Ministry of Marine and Fishery. f. In 2013 KIPM Center Semarang obtained Adi Bakti Mina Bahari award as the best service unit by the Ministry of Marine and Fishery. Certification service system on basis of ISO 9001 and INSW, KIP Semarang does not require high technology and does not require an expensive finance source. Normally all of KIPM centers in Indonesia have similar equipment, even more advanced. This program also does not require human resource addition, what requires is only workshop of staff quality improvement. Therefore this program is very possible to be transferred/replication by both all centers in Indonesia and fishery quarantine centers all over the world which has similar institution. This program has been replicated in UPT (Technical Service Unit) and the other KIPM namely KIPM Center of I Class Jakarta II (Tanjung Priok Port), KIPM Center of I Class Surabaya II (Tanjung Perak Port) and KIPM Station of I Class Medan II (Belawan Medan Port)

 11. Did the initiative improve integrity and/or accountability in public service? (If applicable)
Initiation which has performed able to provide mindset changes of KIPM Center Semarang as public service unit, from public service oriented to service manager ( rule driven ) that prioritizes interest of service organization itself to focused public service / oriented to service user satisfaction ( Customer Driven ) With high consistency and commitment to comprehend and to apply the system has been stipulated / initiated by all elements, organization is able to realize paradigm change of public service.

 12. Were special measures put in place to ensure that the initiative benefits women and girls and improves the situation of the poorest and most vulnerable? (If applicable)
Mindset change of public service in KIPM Center Semarang can be realized with high consistency and commitment of all of organization elements to comprehend and to apply all systems agreed to be carried out ( INSW,ISO 9001-2008,ISO 17025-2008,WBK). In such way, service system is a unity whole of a series service of interrelated. If one part or a subsidiary of a service system is disrupted then it will also disrupt overall the service itself. The better the factor of organization structure, personnel ability and service system, public service quality will be better and more satisfying community as the user of service product. So that qualified public service level can be achieved (Adi Bhakti Mina Bahari Award and Predicate of Corruption Free Area/WBK )

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