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A. Problem Analysis

 1. What was the problem before the implementation of the initiative?
Before this service (Claimer)*1 use to go to the court and write they complain on a paper, they were also required to give the CLAIMER ALAIHI home address by drawing draft map, . After that MOJ employee use to do the data entry. Problems before implementing the service • Claimeruse to spend long time in the court. The other problem was that the hand drawn draft map of the home address location was not correct most of the time, which required the CLAIMER to revisit the court and go through the same process again. In addition, if the CLAIMER is a female the process was complicated, because she was required to bring male person to identify her. • Sometimes when the MUBALIG goes to the address of the KHASM, he could not find the house of the KHASAM because the draft map was wrong. • The poor, illiterate, disabled, elderly, and women were facing the following problems o Transportation for going to the court o Sometimes getting their service on time was not easy depending the person who handles case or if the court is crowded o The illiterate person may not be able find someone willing to go with him to the court for fill the application and draw the draft map of the KHASAMhouse. • There was many back lock cases due to the long queues and repeated cases due

B. Strategic Approach

 2. What was the solution?
MOJ followed strategies for transforming this service The objective was to allow increasing the number of case process daily, MOJ identified the process of manually filling the complaint form and the home address mistakes were major contributing factor for these delays • Finding the key people needed for transforming this service from the current state to desired state. • Studied all the legal requirements for this service and got the proper approval ahead of time • Did gap analysis of the steps required moving the current state to the desired state • Build a road map for this service and make sure all the stakeholders understand the roadmap • Bring the right people to come up with cost need for this project and time needed to market this new service • By offering this service on MOJ portal, it allowed MOJ to process more cases per day, also it allows citizens to minimize going to courts speciallythis initiative allowed the poor who does not means of transportation, women who does not drive a car in KSA, elderly who cannot drive to filling their application form from home, and with few click using Google maps give the MUDAI ALAYHI home address

 3. How did the initiative solve the problem and improve people’s lives?
Innovative in this service 1- It completely transformed the way this service was delivered, such the following a. MOJ did not just automate the existing policy and procedures. MOJ did business reengineering to remove unnecessary steps and approvals b. Allowing MUDAI to fill the complaint form from his home, rather coming to court to fill the c. The complaint forms are now filled electronically, rather filling manually inside the court d. MUDA ALAYHI address is captured using Google map using the application, which eliminated mistakes in the hand drawn home address 2- The other innovation is that this new service delivery is design while having the benefits of business intelligent. Now MOJ can get the data from this service very helpful information and business analytics 3- One of the biggest innovation in this service is that MOJ eliminated having MOJ employee filling the complaint form, because now this form are available on MOJ portal and MUDAI files this forms online. Now MOJ employee that use to have this role are transferred doing other more important jobs which saved money for MOJ

C. Execution and Implementation

 4. In which ways is the initiative creative and innovative?
The implementation strategy was as follows • Build of the implementation team from following departments o Courts Business function o Application analyst o Developers o Infrastructure o Information Security o Project manager o User training and Quality assurance team • The above team was given the MOJ goals and objective which is approved from the higher management, as well as the road map and the gap analysis reports. • Created test environment for testing the new application • Did pilot test for small selected courts and address any feedbacks • Started production using courts in small cities that known to have small number this cases. Improved response for some security related issues • Started slowly increased the number of courts using this application • After having running this service without problems we started advertisement so that people are aware of it and start to use it

 5. Who implemented the initiative and what is the size of the population affected by this initiative?
MOJ IT Team MOJ Expert Employees in Judgment field MOJ Support Employees
 6. How was the strategy implemented and what resources were mobilized?
MOJ has a huge fund allocated for advancement of MOJ information systems. We are employed expert technical resources for this project, because MOJ application was developed in house. We are using the last modern technologies in IT filed to speed up the development and to meet the requirement, as top management needs Microsoft, Cisco, and F5 contributed this project to be successful, because this initiative was delivered to the public using technologies from these companies.

 7. Who were the stakeholders involved in the design of the initiative and in its implementation?
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 8. What were the most successful outputs and why was the initiative effective?
Multiple systems were in place to monitor the progress and evaluate the • A project manager is assigned the project produce the specified output that meets MOJ higher management goals and objectives, and to be within the estimated cost and to be finished on time • Weekly meeting was held to review the project progress and to resolve any difficulties • Test environment was created for test the new service every time a tangible progress is made, and feedback is provided to the technical people • MOJ invested following tools o Application monitoring tool, that give end user experience, which gives the visibility for the page load time, and incase performance issues, MOJ technical team has the ability through this tool to identify the cause of the poor performance is from network, database, or application server. o Network monitoring tool, which shows all network performance issues o Security monitoring tools

 9. What were the main obstacles encountered and how were they overcome?
We faced the following: 1: citizens to learn new process and to get used to it, takes sometimes to know the new business process and to finish it up, therefor we put some of our employee as front disk temporarily for helping customers. 2: we faced some amount of fake requests, and to solve that we give an estimated time of ten days to verifying the request. 3: we had live sessions with in each branch to train them on the new service, and how to deal with it in proper way.

D. Impact and Sustainability

 10. What were the key benefits resulting from this initiative?
The service provided the following improvements • This service increases the number of cases done daily, which means the people that benefits this server daily increased 9999999 • It allowed the Public to use this service from any location, they do not need any more to come to the court to fill the complaint form • It enabled to be simple and correct getting the address of MUDAI ALAYHI using Google MAPs • It simplified the process business reengineering was done, • It freed a lot of ministry of justice, because with this service the MUDAI is doing all the initial data entry using MOJ service available on MOJ portal. These freed employee are transferred doing other more important jobs which saved money for MOJ • This service allowed the poor who does not means of transportation, women who does not drive a car in KSA, elderly who cannot drive to filling their application form from home, and with few click using Google maps give the MUDAI ALAYHI home address • MOJ applications are developers MOJ developers and this this initiative included rewriting the part of the application, therefore MOJ form included more standards fields with option and pull down menus. This unified data allowed MOJ to build business intelligent

 11. Did the initiative improve integrity and/or accountability in public service? (If applicable)
The initiative is sustainable since we implemented it on our court systems. In additions, there was a growing of number of claimers compared to previous process. Moreover, in that applications there is ability to deploy it to any other system and its going to campaign with it easily. For Example in MOI they can get it to help their customers for speeding up the process to make them filling the forms online in there home with full of comfort and convenience. Even more, in the POST MAIL can even do the same.

 12. Were special measures put in place to ensure that the initiative benefits women and girls and improves the situation of the poorest and most vulnerable? (If applicable)
The lessons learned • After MOJ finished this project and seeing the good feedback from the Public, MOJ started offering the serveries on the public • Since all MOJ applications are developed, before this initiative all MOJ applications was developed using Oracle developer 6.xx. MOJ used DOT NET programming tools for developing this application. MOJ learned DOT NET reduces the time to market, as such MOJ decided to use DOT NET for all future thick applications to be developed • MOJ learned offering services on the MOJ portal speeds up the number of cases MOJ can process, a such MOJ recommend many other service to be available on MOJ service • MOJ learned security cannot be an after though, during the application development and test phases security must integrated part. • MOJ learned that sometimes developing your own application in house has many advantages, because things that not considered critical at the information gathering stage which creates problem, can be fixed faster

Contact Information

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