Konya Metropolitan Municipality

A. Problem Analysis

 1. What was the problem before the implementation of the initiative?
Metropolitan Municipality Act 5216; Definition of metropolitan municipalities with Law No. 6360 issued on 11.12.2012; "Boundaries provides coordination between district municipalities within the province territorial boundaries and the limits of which; duties assigned by law as having administrative and financial autonomy and fulfilling responsibilities, using powers; decision-making bodies of the public entity created by the voters elected, Bodies of the metropolitan municipalities: Metropolitan city council, metropolitan municipal council and municipal president, District office: Metropolitan district municipalities within the municipal boundaries have changed accordingly, While the Konya Metropolitan Municipality area of responsibility was 2060 km² before the act after the act its area of responsibility was 40814 km² it increased 20 times its area of responsibility. The number of districts in the area of its responsibility increased from 3 to 31. Powers and responsibilities according to Article 7b; The expression 'Environmental regulation shall be in accordance with the plan, the metropolitan municipality within 1 / 5,000 to 1 / 25,000 between making the master development plan of all sizes, to make and confirm and to  apply; metropolitan municipalities in the application to be prepared in accordance with the master plan of the development plans, The amendments to these plans, and subdivision and zoning plans should be the same or approving it by changing it and supervise the implementation; after a year of the master development plan was in action the county municipalities who did not do their development plans and subdivision plans were to do or have their development plans and subdivision plans done. ’ was located. Metropolitan municipality's master plan to make the approval of development plans and applications required to make the execution of file operations in the growing field, to ensure the work of the same standard for all subcomponents, lack of staff, not being able to use technology at a sufficient level causes difficulties and makes it harder to inspect

B. Strategic Approach

 2. What was the solution?
After the law No. 6360 was put into act before the Department of Housing and Urban Developments law was passed the field of responsibility included staff’s situation in relevant departments of districts; the amount of pafta that they have of the subject, the coordination systems of the pafta, the environment they are kept in and whether it is digitalized or not, the storage environment of these and yearly renovation plan numbers have been studied. It’s been uncovered that the staff of city Municipality is not used adequately, that the plan modifications are not registered and in their files. All these have led to the conclusion that the data has to be kept in the Metropolitan City Municipality data systems. It’s been put in the agenda of Konya Metropolitan City Municipality, City Planning Department to develop by taking advantage of information technology software without disrupting their business processes a construct and approve the master plans implementation to update the approval of the development plans and execute plans with regard the metropolitan and district municipalities on 40814 km2 field and in 31 district municipalities. Within this project; It is planned to transfer City of plans at different institutions in the upper and lower scale, on provincial level and to transfer actual data into Geographical Information Systems which will allow conversion of the data structure that can be queried in the database and transferring different institutional database in high-quality data in the set of plans for the CAD software. To monitor and keep track of the planning work that is going to be done within the boundaries of Konya, keeping digital development plans in a spatial database, Web-based, process management, business process management and electronic signatures supported in each stage of the business is done based on software

 3. How did the initiative solve the problem and improve people’s lives?
Making plans in different institutions across the province in the upper and lower scale of the project can be questioned in the GIS database, Having the presence of multi-agency working infrastructure and electronic or mobile signature in all of the process management and business stages, Open source Web-based application software is made including a Geographical Locator, Making it possible to transfer documents into electronic environment that will enable the documents and attachments that have electronic signature and time stamp to send to the metropolitan city municipality sent by city municipality and transfer backwards in order to approve according to the law the inspection and approval requiring modifications, And also to make it possible to make modification applications for the plan in an electronic environment, To be able to manage the e-bulletin centrally, Enabling Housing and Urban Development Planning department to track plan modification files, By making updates, making it possible to monitor plan modifications and archive those modification files across the province, and also enabling to track plan modifications in the past in the same area, It will enable to create and use standardized data among the district municipalities and Konya Metropolitan Municipality.

C. Execution and Implementation

 4. In which ways is the initiative creative and innovative?
If the law numbered 6360 were put into act the problems that may occur were to be identified by the management, additional plans, stages of the positional plans were intended to be processed with the approved plans, just like the presence of such large scale plans and the archive status it was unknown what the metropolitan municipality would encounter. While having and integrated work plan with the 3 central counties as a metropolitan municipality having to have included 29 more district municipalities to the territorial area of responsibility as a result of the growth became a an alarming situation for the integrity. Before the law was put into act determining the situation and creating a common language for the standard plans became necessary. With the purpose of finding, currently approved development plans at hand, getting in front of decision makers who want to make decisions for the worse and questioning and integrated plan, analyzing a plan that can meet the needs of the city, what should be done with certain types of investments for the development of the city that is evident in the plan the project was initiated. With the beginning of the project 31 municipal districts were visited, the data plans that they had in their hands in which periods and how often the plans where changed, personal conditions, their technological and equipment opportunities were examined and reports were formed. Stakeholders, One with a large share of the project in terms of measures to ensure compliance with the metropolitan district municipality which measures and preparations should be taken were determined.

 5. Who implemented the initiative and what is the size of the population affected by this initiative?
Also named as Development Portal, the projects stakeholders are ; Konya Metropolitan Municipality, free city planners, 31 district municipality, private and public institutions (Toki, General directorates attached to the Ministry…etc )during the online announcement and the development plans have public users next to the city guide on the internet.
 6. How was the strategy implemented and what resources were mobilized?
The project initiative was started on 23.09.2013 with a tender of 135.000 TL through, Development and City Planning, City Information System Directorate. After the tender process is completed the project that is in the test phase is going to be used by three directorates under the housing and Urban Development Department. On the 5000 plans Nazım Urban Planning Branch Manager, On the 1000 plans Department of Planning and Urban Design, database, software and user management of City Information Systems Branch personnel are involved.

 7. Who were the stakeholders involved in the design of the initiative and in its implementation?
The project initiative was started on 23.09.2013 with a tender of 135.000 TL through, Development and City Planning, City Information System Directorate. After the tender process is completed the project that is in the test phase is going to be used by three directorates under the housing and Urban Development Department. On the 5000 plans Nazım Urban Planning Branch Manager, On the 1000 plans Department of Planning and Urban Design, database, software and user management of City Information Systems Branch personnel are involved.

 8. What were the most successful outputs and why was the initiative effective?
Citizens requesting changes within the project plan, private organizations or public bodies are required to make an application with the city planner. Program that uses Cad data by utilizing plug-in software by entering the username and password database connection and application process is initiated. In the Metropolitan Municipality Law numbered 5216 “Inter-municipal relations and coordination services” titled Article 27 of the seventh chapter it is said that “Compliance with regard to the fulfillment of services and coordination between the municipalities covered by Metropolitan, is provided by the metropolitan municipality. In case of a dispute between the district municipalities of the execution of the service, Metropolitan city council is authorized to take guide and make regulatory decisions. " Again descriptions about the Master Plan and application plans procedures to be followed are stated in the 3194 Zoning Law, based on this law, the Regulation on Principles of construction Plan for the Master Plan, by defining Implementation Plans, procedures for the construction approval and construction of these plans and procedures were determined.

 9. What were the main obstacles encountered and how were they overcome?
a ) Different methods and workflows results in Konya Metropolitan interviews with 31 district offices connected to the respective Municipal Plan Amendments 1/1000 and 1/5000 of the district were found to be applied. In the scope of the project the stakeholders (district municipalities, planners) using the technology, going out of habits, not having the zoning plans that are in effect in the districts or not having it in the digital media at the stage of the CAD data is not transferred to the database of standard data’s, since working in the locals each user made his own layer which caused disruptions such as personal plan layers. Since there was no approved Development Plans or wasn’t up to date and was kept as a soiled data this caused studies to be made to turn the data’s into standard data. The digitization of the plan initiated by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, changes in the production and processing of data with a standard layer structure is still ongoing.

D. Impact and Sustainability

 10. What were the key benefits resulting from this initiative?
The project planning process with process management and controls have a certain hierarchy and workflow defined by law are authorized by the software storing it in the database, which brings out better results in coordination and adaptation. The transformation of the Administration, innovation methods, in the context of a country or region with the tools and techniques of modernization, the organizations culture change, provides repair and ease to the administrative reform and civil service procedures. Safely storing existing data related to planning, Keeping the information up to date and if needed quickly allows the retrieval of information. It contributes to identify areas the will be developed and preparing development plans. Constitutes a unity in development plans and basic infrastructure services. Directs the planned development of the city. According to the structure zoning plans decision control is maintained. Allows transfer between Metropolitan Municipality and the District Municipality by providing information about the immediate or periodic plan changes. Allows the Metropolitan Municipality and County municipalities to direct the development plan in an interactive and integrated manner with each other. A zoning change entered into the database by the Municipality or District Municipalities is, by other municipalities, without further entries, lets it to be viewed instantly and to be used. Enables users to instantly see changes from the past till the present day.

 11. Did the initiative improve integrity and/or accountability in public service? (If applicable)
While processing determined project planning laws in accordance with the format and workflow processes it also depending on the database through the web based Geographic Information Systems standards provides data production. Data to be held in the database helps to control the data and the adding intelligence to the data allows to ensure and measure its compliance with the standards. In the planning of information technology, all of the data emerges as an application that allows the city to use as a planning base. The planning process; Conducting research, revealing problems, analysis stages regarding data and collecting information; putting together all the information gathered, consolidation and evaluation of results related to the synthesis stage and planning decisions comprises the steps of forming. Planning studies conducted in collaboration with Geographic Information Systems insures optimal decisions by obtaining also using data and analyzing the data effectively. Plan notes of the finalized plan were published in the Official Gazette dated June 14, 2014 Regulation of Spatial Plans Construction on the twelfth section of the article 34/4, plan report, decision about the approval, suspend proceedings and geotechnical or with micro-zonation studies needed to be saved to the geographic information system environment according to the numeric data structure specified by the Ministry, with the project the data that is requested by the ministry will already be in the suitable format and can be sent without any other required processes. Again with the same part of the revision to the plan approved under Article 34/5 spatial plans, for extra additions and amendments geographical data and information, administrations determined by the Council of Ministers in accordance with the principles and procedures and be produced in digital geographic information system environment, be declared electronically and to be shared on an electronic media that will be established by the ministry, archiving and updating has been made compulsory. This project will provide Konya Metropolitan Municipality in terms of data transfer as the system will be in a steady state.

 12. Were special measures put in place to ensure that the initiative benefits women and girls and improves the situation of the poorest and most vulnerable? (If applicable)
The information age we live in these days with the help of the City Information System we can question the data, test it with different parameters, get different assumptions with analysis while we have these systems when planning the future City’s not using these methods leads to great loss of time, manpower, and money. The systems that allow timeliness of the data’s and the data sharing between institutions develop methods that would make the business process easier is in the factors the municipality should have. The decision makers making the right choice at the least amount of time is the result of the upgrade to the software’s that are integrated to the City Information System. For the persistence of research and etude and to utilize the technology’s possibilities in the best way planning the Geographic Information System and bringing new dimensions to the management it is an important tool.

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