Using a community-based community development that is friendly to the elderly Hua Ngom.
้huangom Sub-district Administration Organization

A. Problem Analysis

 1. What was the problem before the implementation of the initiative?
Thailand has stepped into the society of the elderly population, the number and proportion of older people increases rapidly. The average life expectancy of the population, including the elderly and increased, respectively. And the situation of the elderly in Thailand Foundation's 2009 Research and Development seniors Thailand (TGRI), Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. The size and trends elderly population census of Thailand between the years 1960 - 2010 and the estimated population of Thailnad during the years 2000-2030 Shows that in 1960 the population aged 60 years and over, with only 1.5 million people, or about 5.4 percent of the total population only. But the size of the population aged 60 years and over a seven-fold increase, or about 7. 6 million people in the year 2009 as the year Thailand entered the aged society completely (Overview Thailand in 2010, 11.63 percent and 15.28 percent is expected in 2020), which means the country is aging. (Those aged 60 years and over), more than 10 percent of the total population. (Foundation for Research and Development, Elderly, 2009: 8). Thailand is a developing country The problem of economic deprivation, poverty is still scattered across the country. Workers in developing countries is important. It is to be noted that the incidence and mortality from the past to the present with lower rates. But the increase of aging population Faster than the population as a whole. Thailand has a population that lives longer. Does not mean a healthy elderly population. But it seems that the longevity of it. It was a life of illness increases with the order. The welfare state to take care of the elderly is not enough to sustain life. Chronic illnesses that increase the state budget must be in attendance, but did not cover all the expenses remain the expense of citizens who will have to pay the cost of treatment. Household debt has almost every house. Led to the evacuation young workers into the city to earn money for the family. Children and the elderly were abandoned at home alone. Make an impact on the emotional and mental depression that leads to suicide to escape the problem. Hua Ngom Subdistrict. As local authorities are closer to the people as possible. And is responsible for promoting Resulting in improved quality of care. The problems of the elderly is an issue that is likely to grow and the violence began in 2010, study found that trend to change the demographic structure of the population aged 60 years and over 1,414 people from a total population of 6687 people, or 21 percent of the population. This means that The elderly of the district Hua Ngom organized in the elderly (aged society) which problems are likely severe and must be corrected urgently.

B. Strategic Approach

 2. What was the solution?
The database system to improve the health of the elderly is the fourth dimension of economic, social, physical, emotional and mental. The decentralization of responsibilities. Organizations Both public and private entities to measure the quality of life of older people and families of the elderly. And synergies of all ages in the community works together to make society happy. A society of love, generosity, harmony in the community.

 3. How did the initiative solve the problem and improve people’s lives?
The implementation of innovative community-based community development that is friendly to the elderly Hua Ngom. The goal is in line with the plans of the Elders of No. 2 (2002 - 2021) by the male elderly, families, communities, public and private organizations involved in the mission of the elderly. By recognizing seniors as valuable. Using the database of the elderly aged 60 years or more to issue four dimensions: physical health, economic, social, and emotional to allow seniors to live with dignity, self-reliance, quality and good. secured The strategy is driven to cover all dimensions. Strategic and economic income of the elderly. Aims to promote and develop older people to become self-reliant and able to participate in the benefit of families, communities, work and income of the elderly, vocational training and integration professionals provide age-appropriate. and the ability to earn a living. With a focus on indigenous knowledge, in addition to receiving basic welfare income allocated to the state. The establishment of a fund to help the elderly seniors in groups. Strategic systems, physical and mental health for the elderly. Focus on building the health care system. Promoting access to health services. The annual health check of the elderly. Encouraging elderly family caregiver skills. To properly care for the elderly. To prevent illness from diseases encourage family caregivers to live together with love, understanding, generosity. Seniors and active and participate in family activities. In addition, the District Administrative Office Hua Ngom has established call centers and help to sustain life, such as a cane cart to support and improve housing and welfare resources to build and repair housing for the elderly. Create a public space for recreational exercise. And facilities for the elderly, such as hallways, bathrooms or a public place accessible to elderly and disabled persons organizations to promote and support volunteerism. Strategies to promote the learning and development of high quality seniors. This proactive strategy implementation. The elderly are developing both physically and emotionally. Placing their right A good model of society Centers or places for the elderly and the stage. Centered on the development of cognitive learning to meet each other. Including personnel with knowledge. The ability of older people to the learning process. Build relationships between elders and people of all age groups and activities in the field of education, religion, culture, sports and tourism. To raise awareness of older people and people of all age groups. To see the value of life, roe coined. And was recognized by the general public. Strategic management to develop the elderly. Focus on improving management and planning personnel in field operations elderly integrated. Support and encourage research And cognitive development of senior information systems development. And monitoring the activities related to the elderly and the elderly in the area. To encourage the elderly to access information from the media. The media support Public relations The activities of the elderly.

C. Execution and Implementation

 4. In which ways is the initiative creative and innovative?
Database Community The development dimension of the four dimensions of health status of the elderly. Physical health Health, economic health, social and mental wellbeing. Which is linked a community-driven process that is friendly to the elderly in Hua Ngom. As a reflection of creative innovation to support aging society in Hua Ngom, as well as not working. The government's only policy Caused problems and needs. Rather than providing general training But there is continuity These activities are done daily, weekly or monthly based on self-reliance, social capital is not counting on a budget or outside assistance. Funding from the main district. Creating partnerships to work together. Houses, temples, schools, government agencies. A mechanism driven activities both academic staff through their volunteerism. To improve quality of life Spirit of goodness to society willing to sacrifice time, energy and intelligence activities, and what is the benefit of others without expecting anything in return. Constitutes a development network, advocating for seniors. Reduce duplication of work Cooperation and work A network of integrated network including family type. Network of friends Network leaders And a network of professionals / academics.

 5. Who implemented the initiative and what is the size of the population affected by this initiative?
Subdistrict Hua Ngom. Is the primary agency in cooperation with all sectors involved in driving the mission to care for the elderly. All the information Personnel involved And budgeting and budgetary coordination of the agencies involved. The goal is to deal with the elderly, all 1607 people. Community Health Promotion Hospital Hua Ngom. Is the primary agency responsible for the health care of the elderly. Information illness, promoting the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with the elderly. Which is carried out with 100 percent of the elderly in the area. Schools in the district Responsible for promoting the academic learning process. Knowledge that is beneficial to the lives of the elderly. Student support group volunteers to care for the elderly who can not help themselves, with a total of 21 people. Temple serves the mental development of the elderly. The study and practice by preaching Buddhism. Practice meditation Each village will have a center for the elderly, had gathered for religious activities. The community organization Which has been involved in activities such as volunteer groups. With great care, encouraging preliminary examination aggressive. By visiting the elderly at home. Caring for the elderly, the sick, the elderly, the disabled or stuck beds. All the villages Community leaders to coordinate In Storage Space exploration The situation in the village For the survey to determine the plan of activities by the elderly people in the village all four dimensions. Government outside Involved, such as training and career promotion. Helping the welfare of the elderly In addition to the welfare of the state. By entities external to the target number of older people to be trained by the District Administrative Office Hua Ngom. Qualifying seniors to participate in each activity. The goal is to develop an annual average of 100 people on.
 6. How was the strategy implemented and what resources were mobilized?
Economic development and revenue. By promoting the establishment of a professional group of seniors. And has led the process of training for the elderly. The elderly have produced for distribution within the community. And log market The products are manufactured from materials available in the area. By wisdom the Whether the items used in everyday objects, which produced a souvenir. The Subdistrict Hua Ngom has allocated budget for training. Or coordinate the agencies involved in the budget request. The funding from the general public. Whether any money to bring welfare assistance to the elderly in the parish poor. Suffered and donated money and goods on a monthly basis per month, five people, encouraging households to grow vegetables and herbs in the house. To reduce costs, and household expenditures. Caring for the physical and mental health. By monitoring the health of elderly people in Hua Ngom. Screening high risk groups of seniors. The diseases associated with aging, surveillance, prevention and control of diseases of the elderly. The cost of health insurance funds Hua Ngom. Psychological stresses staging area for an elderly or a combination of activities in the community. The practice of singing, dancing, sports and volunteer recruitment organization responsible for the care of the elderly (Care Giver) through training processes in long-term care patients. The center offers fitness equipment Seniors can borrow the necessary equipment on a daily basis, such as wheelchairs and staff allocated to the purchase of materials for the construction of housing for the elderly poor families in the parish. The labor of the people in the village to share housing. The founder of the "school seniors Hua Ngom" to encourage older people to gain knowledge. Skills that fit the lifestyle of the elderly. Are taught to behave correctly both the governing body. exercise To live together happily. The cooperation Volunteers who are knowledgeable in the field as a lecturer in education at each side. Without charge The study visit to Horizons for Seniors. This can be considered successful, many of the visitors to study and apply the concept school seniors Hua Ngom deployed in the area, which is considered a favorite, and the elderly have been cooperating very well. It is acceptable to both local authorities. Government and international. Managed to develop the elderly. The system has a database of senior citizens in a systematic and organized "zero quality of life of older people" is central to the government. The work involved the elderly. Elderly To provide various services. The elderly The sources of information and publicity of the elderly in the area. Data collection and brought the issue to be analyzed. Led to the formulation of a strategic plan to improve the lives of seniors Hua Ngom. The activities to be in line with the strategic plan. Parties and determine power distribution network function to every part clearly. And the establishment of operations. The Subdistrict Hua Ngom agency coordination center. Analyze the appropriateness of activities to prepare the budget. Moment in the event Personnel, materials and compile a plan of action. Each strategy accordingly Proposed activities to support government agencies in the area and outside the area. By agencies To allocate a reasonable budget and cost control activities. The evaluation assessed the satisfaction of the participants of each event. The issue came to the event. To listen to suggestions to improve the event next year.

 7. Who were the stakeholders involved in the design of the initiative and in its implementation?
As mentioned The cause of this innovative organization Hua Ngom. The idea is to use local resources to solve the problems of the elderly. Including building a network of partners from all sectors of the elderly themselves. The family of the elderly leaders of the organization is to get in and out of the private sector to create a joint process. Activity co-design work benefits. And evaluate Start by brainstorming together through a community forum to reflect on the issue. Offering reviews Development To tackle all dimensions Involving the elderly in the area. As well as the mission of the agency. Or organization responsible for the formation of a working group in the area. The People of all genders and different ages to play a role in the events. Officials of the state budget allocated to co-operate in order to comply with the objectives and mandates of government agencies. The budget also provides for a transparent and accurate legal limit. And most importantly, seniors who are direct beneficiaries. Core and key indicators that demonstrate the success of the event occurring. Without cooperation from the beginning. You may not be able to drive this innovation and success.

 8. What were the most successful outputs and why was the initiative effective?
Dimension Health Projects screening examination to detect diseases of the elderly, the elderly every year. This information will be saved for the elderly health care plan. And good nutrition and proper elderly. Causing health problems of the elderly receive preventive care. And maintained by community Reduce the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure. And the costs to treat diseases of the elderly in the community. There was a group of volunteers in the community (Care Giver) every village of 13 people who worked with the hospital. Along with a group of children and youth Participating elderly, sick and disabled people in the community. This will take care of the elderly, sick and disabled every week, the medical examination physiotherapy rehabilitation of patients. Community activities Engage people by age three seniors have made together. All age groups including children Working together with adults or older people themselves. The elderly are a lecturer or teacher. To convey local knowledge to students. Or the general public To make cakes and traditional food. folk Music and Folk Art, To preserve cultural heritage and traditions of the local successor to the dissolved. And to make love The bond between the elderly Local people. Activity School seniors Hua Ngom. Which brings together all sectors to empower seniors to seniors can live happily in society. Classes every Thursday A total of 200 people, Its vision is to gracefully aging quality. Encourage the elderly in society happily. And affect the emotional and mental state of the elderly better. Support monetization The establishment of a professional group And professional training The elderly and aging family income increases. And promote the provision of marketing products in the elderly. Promoting household food production in order to reduce costs and expenses in the household. And distribution of food products to the market. In addition, the community has organized fundraising activities. Building a community of support By accepting donations by 5 per month. The average monthly income of 600 baht. In order to help the elderly poor. Needy every month Through a selection of community, The communities involved in caring for each other. And eradicate poverty in a community mainstay in driving. Build a society that is generous to each other.

 9. What were the main obstacles encountered and how were they overcome?
Barriers to implementation that occurred. Health Older people in the community do not realize the importance of self-care. Also living there is a limit in terms of food. Environmental causes of illness of the elderly increases. Both chronic and serious diseases. Need surveillance and survey of the elderly will be made annually to the target. The planned activities within the district to meet the problems each side. The health promoting awareness of both the elderly and their families of the elderly. Be aware of the diseases that can occur. Prevention And the creation of awareness on behavioral change in all aspects of life. The problem for the economy The elders in the area of Hua Ngom. Remained as poor as most. Both public welfare aid Including local budgets for the care and welfare in areas not adequately covered. They are trying to raise funds Donations from the public Private funds in support of further assistance. For government agencies with trained professionals. So that the elderly can make money in the household. The neglect of the elderly. Due to economic conditions Workers make his family must leave the area. The elderly were abandoned to stay home alone. There was a state of depression that grew every year and established a group of seniors to activities in the area. Including a great encouragement to the elderly who live alone and reduce feelings of abandonment.

D. Impact and Sustainability

 10. What were the key benefits resulting from this initiative?
As a result, the database system to sort out the goals of the elderly population in the four dimensions of performance are as follows. The annual health check of the elderly is 100 percent. Elderly people receive annual health check to assess and monitor the health of the elderly. Behavior modification, nutrition, control of living of the elderly and families of the elderly, 25 percent per year. Since 2014 to the present Increased accordingly Statistics from the admission to the hospital, Community Health found. There are many older people who have illnesses decreased compared data from the year 2010, representing a 53 percent reduction in household expenditure in the transfer of patients. And medical expenses per household, amounting 2000-3000 baht, 47 percent of income patients. And to reduce the burden of public hospital care due to the ongoing supervision of the community. The integration of the elderly in the community. The activities to meet the seniors themselves. And with other groups in the community. Promoting knowledge that is beneficial to the lives of the elderly. exercise Participation in community together. At least 1 time per week, The seniors will each have a notebook to record the identity of participants in the community. The rate of interest or cooperation in the community. The number of seniors actively involved with the community at least once a week, one of the 85 percent of the elderly population. And seniors who attend the events with the community more than 1 time per week with a total of 60 percent of the overall assessment of the district. The number of seniors participating in various events. Increasing activity, Number of elderly in each year since 2014 - 2016, the rate of the elderly participants increased 45 percent, which indicates the involvement of social and realized the importance of their own. Creating social value It can coexist with social happily contribute to the promotion and development of the mind and soul of the elderly better. According to the statistics of suicide in the elderly than ever. 0.1 percent of the population. To date, there were no elderly suicide today. To fix the elderly, the poor, low income, which amounted to 90 percent of the elderly population in the community. Which can increase household income among seniors since 2014 of 300 households. Revenue increased to 2,000 baht per month, representing 71 percent of revenues, the quality of life of the elderly, the poor better. It also provides health services from the elderly to receive services or treatment on a monthly basis at month 1 time per month. But the innovation is happening in the area. Enabling the elderly to receive services and access to services enjoyed more health, such as health services in school seniors, 1 time per week for health care from Care giver the Little Doctor to assist the Long term care services. Health Average weekly first-time as well as proactive. The follow-up care at home. Making access to services as thoroughly and quickly.

 11. Did the initiative improve integrity and/or accountability in public service? (If applicable)
Decentralization of responsibilities to the public, community organizations, government agencies or private participation in the operation. In the form of work Community participation in resource management activities in all the activities. Reduce Fraud Corruption of a public official The administration is transparent and auditable processes. It is caused by the reflection of the real problems and needs. Since participation in conceptualizing the problem because people will understand in the context of other resources in the community to be used appropriately. Corresponding to the life of the community The joint operation was to form a committee in each sector from government officials. The community organization Groups representing seniors Representatives of the group of volunteers In order to work effectively Can be carried out according to the objectives. Mutual benefit When the project is in accordance with the objectives set. The benefits would be accessible to the public. Including the work of the government in authority. Mutual evaluation And monitoring to improve. Also reflects transparency at each stage because the work did not highlight the work of government officials or a single group. As a result, public sector organizations to work on the spot. The budget is worth the investment and is available to meet the needs of the people. The system of state officials working with the community to cultivate. Building relationships with the community, not in the form of a directive. It is a joint operation in the area. Create a character selfless compassion and love. Local ownership and a proactive public access The public has been thoroughly and quickly.

 12. Were special measures put in place to ensure that the initiative benefits women and girls and improves the situation of the poorest and most vulnerable? (If applicable)
The demographics of the district Hua Ngom 2014, which has a population of 6,694 people, divided into male 3,252, female 3,442 people, which is the age of the children and youth of 1,430 were male 698, female 732 , working of 3,657 were male 1793 , female 1864 and 1607 the number of elderly people, male 761, female 846 people can see that the population of each age. The female population is more than male population. The community is characterized by collaboration from children to the elderly. No age or gender discrimination or discrimination. The principles of equality for all groups in society as a mechanism to drive both 4-D, anyone can be a part of community development. And interactions across all activities, such as the elderly who convey the wisdom to teach children the culture, traditions and youth volunteers to assist and visit older people together to volunteer in the community. Observations from the past The female population in Hua Ngom. A role as co-operation and the benefits outnumber the male population. But to do Working in Hua Ngom had to focus on all ages. From birth to death So that people get equal rights and equal.

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