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Police Republic Of Indonesian ( Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia )

A. Problem Analysis

 1. What was the problem before the implementation of the initiative?
As the hope and the request from all of the community about the increasing on public service, the implementer of public services has to do an extra service to develop thrust from community. Aceh Besar District with 2.903,50 km2 and it is in the line of equator on the coordinate of 5, 2° - 5,8° north latitudeand 95, 0° - 95,8° East Longitude. It is the area of Indonesia Republic that consist of main land sore, and hill with forest that start to bare, big rivers that flows to the Sea Malacca Strait and Indonesia Ocean. The altitude beach topography of Aceh Besar from the sea surface is approximately 100 meter. Aceh Besar District is one from 23 District in Aceh Province that has 23 sub districts, 68 habitations, 604 villages with the area as 2.903,50 km2, meanwhile that area in Aceh Besar resort police law’s coverage as 13 sub districts, 36 habitations and 342 villages with the total population as 159.792 people with 2.431,45 KM2. The area is very large and the population reach 159.729 people, meanwhile the people only serve by 1 (one) Police note letter Unit that placed in the capital city of Aceh Besar, precisely in the SKCK intelligent and security unit of Resort Police Aceh Besar. Sometimes for the part of Aceh Besar people to make or to extend the Police note letter they face problem when there is heavy rain , more over the distance from the sub district that the people stay and Police Aceh Besar Resort , like Lhoong Sub District that reach the distance of ± 106KM, that consume the time ± 120 minutes. Almost all of the area in Aceh Besar there are some house of the people that placed in remote area/ isolate that difficult to be reach by any transportation’s vehicle, even with two wheels vehicle or with four wheels vehicle. Many of people who would like to have the Police Letter Note are complaining about the distance that they have to face is too far from the place that they stay. A little part of Aceh Besar People live as fisherman, they are people who stay near to the sea sore especially the west area and north of Aceh Besar, they are Lhoknga Sub District, Leupung, Lhoong and Pulo Aceh, another big part are farmer and traders, the economy level/ income still under PDB (Product Domestic Gross). If we see from the livelihood that could be said enough for the daily living, the people before they make the police note letter will think first about the transportation fee that they has to spent to go to Aceh Besar Police Resort. Before this initiative being implemented, many of the people especially in Aceh Besar who would like to have this police note letter in Aceh Besar Police Resort should think about the long distance and the consuming many times and cost.

B. Strategic Approach

 2. What was the solution?
A. Open three implementer mobile units for police note letter as the closer place with the settlement of people and located each of officers that specific handling the management of police note letter. B. To save time consuming and the distance for Aceh Besar community to manage the police note letter. C. Decrease the risk of traffic accident of the community when they manage the police note letter.

 3. How did the initiative solve the problem and improve people’s lives?
The Republic Indonesia Police has main task: Protect, guiding, and serve the community to straight the law as a form of Republic Indonesia Police service for community, with the implementation of police note letter. Police note letter that after mention as SKCK is a legal note letter that issued by Republic Indonesia Police for citizen to fulfill the proposal of the person, or as a need because of a condition that should include that condition. The recommendation of police note is a noted suggestion that suggested, strengthening the note of some that related with crime and or violation on a law rules. The police Aceh Besar Resort service unit of intelligent and security would like to ensure that all the activities of the police note letter services of this district could managed by the police officers that trained and coordinated with the head unit of intelligent police resort and head unit of community guideline police resort of Aceh Besar. That could make decreasing the risk or obstacle that faces by the community of Aceh Besar. With the new breakthrough or activity that implement in the area targeted, to solve the problems or issues that so far being face by the community around Aceh Besar, with the mobile police note letter service. In this matter, the strategy achievement and the partnership application in the community start by encouraging the stakeholders as the main solution in the mobile police note letter. In between police party and the head of village, local head mosque, community stakeholders, religious stakeholders, they are giving very wide support to this initiative and very understood about the role of partnership in increasing the public services. After there was consultations with head of villages, local head mosque, stake holders, religious stake holder, that in the matter of making the police note letter the community does not need to go to Aceh Besar resort police office that having long distance from community, because of lately there is mobile police note letter. The community just needs to come to the place as scheduled before by the mobile note police of Aceh Besar resort.

C. Execution and Implementation

 4. In which ways is the initiative creative and innovative?
This initiative of intelligent and security unit is support by the head of Sector Police intelligent and security unit and head of community guideline sectors police of Aceh Besar. Example: This innovative helps the community in order to make easier to get the police note letter and to get good service trough Mobile Police Note Letter Unit, because of the distance no more as an issue. The community response is very good to this increasing public service, and increase work of police officers. The innovation of public service is a breakthrough in a kind of service in a form of original creative Idea and adaptation/ modification that bring benefit to the community in direct way or indirect way. The innovation on public service itself does not have to has innovation but could be in the form of result innovation from the result of the wider or increasing the quality on the innovation that already existed. Base on index management of Aceh Besar community satisfaction in 2015 for this initiative said 86, 70% increase to 87, 13% in 2016. This showed the initiative is creative enough and innovative for increasing public service in Aceh Besar District.

 5. Who implemented the initiative and what is the size of the population affected by this initiative?
The head of security intelligent of Aceh Besar Resort Police was the first person who has the idea in this initiative. As remembered that the management of this police note letter is very need by the community of Aceh Besar, in this matter for them to look for job and to continue their study to high level. In the way to smooth the work of this initiative, the head of intelligent security of Aceh Besar police resort formed Police Note Letter Team that validated by Letter of order from head of police resort of Aceh BesarNumber :Sprin / 34 / I / 2015 year 2015 and Number : Sprin / 26 / I / 2016 year 2016.Theteam consists of 2 police officers of unit of intelligent and security of resort police Aceh Besar, head unit of intelligent of sector police and Non-commissioned Officerofpolice sector. Then thehead unit of intelligent of sector police and Non-commissioned Officerof police sector and staffs gave socialization to the community trough head of village about Police of Aceh Besar Resort has already superior program innovation of mobile police note letter of Aceh Besar Resort Police. One of the beginning step or the activity planning elements for the strategy implementation was service activity of mobile police note letter in the area of Aceh Besar area law; by acknowledge the main duty as: 1. Implement the activity service on mobile police note letter. 2. Implement another activity according to the law that still valid with full of responsibility feeling. 3. Coordinate with head of unit intelligent of sector police and Aceh Besar polices. IMPLEMENTATION A. Time and Target The activity service is implementing in the law area of Aceh Besar Resort Police, which divided in 3 (three) units, they are: a. Unit 1 located in Aceh Besar Resort Police that coverage Kuta Cot Glie Sub District, Seulimeum Sub District, LembahSeulawah Sub District and Kota Jantho Sub District. b. Unit 2 located in Sukamakmur Police Sector that coverage Sukamakmur Sub District, SimpangTiga Sub District, Montasik Sub District, KutaMalaka Sub District and Indrapuri Sub District. c. Unit III located in Lhoknga Police Sector that coverage Lhoknga Sub District, Leupung Sub District, Lhoong Sub District and Pulo Aceh Sub District. B. Time Service a. The implementation time service on the police note letter issued implement in every working day for 6 hours and every day start from 08.00 am to 12.30 pm after break time the service is continuing again on 02.00 pm to 13.30 pm. b. The time limit to issued 1 (one) page of police note letter after the authority party received the proposal of this police note letter and also should stated that the condition complete is : 12 minutes, with time need as followed: - Fill in the form by the person : 5 Minutes - Finger print : 5 minutes - The typing of police note letter : 2 minutes C. The Issued of Police Note Letter, as followed: a. Register and hand the conditions also the original ones to the locket that prepared already b. Fill the form of list of question c. Hand back the form of list of question that filled already to the officer. Head of Police Resort of Aceh Besar is very enthusiast and fully support to this initiative, as the form of his serious on this, head of Police resort of Aceh Besar gave maximal supported facility like LCD computer as 2unit, in eachunit that already determined. All of culture stake holders and local religious stake holders gave support in socialized about this initiative to ensure accurate information about the partnership of Indonesia Republic Police partnership and the community. It conveyed through trustable local channels, included in religious meeting and in informal meeting of community also. Those activities also supported by Sector Polices, head of village, and head of district. This initiative hadbeen running for 2 years and been supported as 3.924people in Aceh Besar District in the matter for their management of police note letter.
 6. How was the strategy implemented and what resources were mobilized?
In the beginning, this initiative is an answer on the need of Aceh Besar community. As remembered that the area of Aceh Besar District and the geographic condition that far enough, consume time and cost, that make less affective on the service that receive by the community. Based on the result meeting of Head unit of security with head of Aceh Besar police resort concluded that neededto form a program on Mobile Police Note Letter in order to easier the community as the potential public service form. In the implementation process monitoring evaluation of Republic Indonesia police and the community, the head unit of intelligent of Sector Police and (Non-commissioned Officer)of Police Sector were actively involved, like direct visit to the field, together with community, to monitor the development of the partnership. Help to solve the issue on partnership in the village level, by involving all of the elements of community, also advocate the need of partnership implementation to sub district and head of village. To implement the service on mobile police note letter, the funding that been used for this initiative, were: - DIPA (Contents Table of Budgeting Implementation) of Aceh Besar Police Resort that sourced from PNPB (Non-tax Revenue) as 200.000 IDR for 2 personals. - P.C units and Laptop Resort Police and Sector police inventory - Stationary that sourced from DIPA (Contents Table of Budgeting Implementation) of Aceh Besar Police Resort - Fuel that sourced from DIPA (Contents Table of Budgeting Implementation) Aceh Besar Police Resort - Other facilities or equipments belong to Police Resort and Police Sector Aceh Besar Inventory. Beside the resource budget as mentioned above, also another support facility that support the replication process of Mobile Police Note Letter Service, there were: - Police Resort of Aceh Besar - All the Head sub districts of Aceh Besar Sub district - All the stake holders in Aceh Besar District - Mass Media. All the resources that mentioned above were actively taking their roles in supporting and encouraging the implementation of this initiative in Aceh Besar. This commitment was increased trough some discussions in Focus Group Discussions, coordination meetings, and workshops. The discussion that implemented was openly for public, it was very important in increasing the support to reach the achievement of the program.

 7. Who were the stakeholders involved in the design of the initiative and in its implementation?
All the need holders were together in implemented the problem analysis and discussed the forming and to have police partnership and community. In the supported to the Mobile Police Note Letter program was running that formed by the unit of intelligent and security Police Resort of Aceh Besar. The activity made to analyze and to measure the impact to the interested people and people who supported the Mobile Police Note Letter Program for further developing chance. About the implementation on the technique oftimein the field about this mobile police note letter scheduled in the law area of Police Sector of Lhoknga on Tuesday and in the area law of Sector Police of Sukamakmur in Sukamakmur Sub District InSibrehon market day, on Wednesday. The culture stakeholders and local religious stakeholders gave their support on this socialization initiative to ensure the accurate information about Republic Indonesia Partnership and community conveyed through trustable local channels, including in religious meeting and community informal meetings. Those activities also supported by Sector police officers, head of village, and head of sub district. In the process of implementation on evaluation on monitoring Republic Indonesia Police and community, those head of unit intelligent police sector and NCO Developmentof police sector were actively involved, like doing direct visit to the field, together with the community, to monitor the partnership development. Help to solve the problem of partnership in the village’s level, by involving all the elements of community. Advocate the need of partnership implementation to the head of sub district and head of village.

 8. What were the most successful outputs and why was the initiative effective?
Concrete outputs that reach by Mobile Police Note Letter Service, as followed: - Letter of Order by the Head of Resort Police of Aceh Besar, number: Sprin/261/I/2013 on the activity’s implementation for Mobile Police Note Letter. - Letter of Decision by Head Police of Republic Indonesia, No. Pol: Skep : 816/IX/2003 about Field Guiding Book on Policing Police Note Letter. Those letters that issued donated already to some achievements as followed: - Time efficiently and cost - increasing the willing of the community on to do the new Police Note Letter/ extend - Develop a better communication in between Police of Indonesia Republic and community, in order the community get a prime service from police - Develop partnership and community thrust to police with the system picking up the ball, especially for veteran that old already.

 9. What were the main obstacles encountered and how were they overcome?
The main obstacle faced in the initiative implementation was the community way of thinking that being trauma that cause by the conflict on civil war for 30 years that made no thrust affect to nation staffs. However, the community base approach in the implementation of partnership opened a big chance to easier to get the police note letter. The Process of discussion on importance of this new initiative especially was for the community, especially for the area of Lhoong area, Leupung, Lhoknga, and Pulo Aceh. With the existence of this mobile police note letter, it is decreasing the cost of transportation and time. Other problem that faced by the officers in the implementing the role as the implementer in the field there was not transportation facility that available from related office that could be used by the officers in the time when they pick up the ball on the mobile police note letter. The facility of this picking up the ball is more prioritize for elderly veteran who needs this police note letter to manage their pension. The area condition that far enough and sometimes the officer fight with bad weather, as assumed that really need to have four wheels vehicle for the police officers to make this initiative could be implemented maximal. By the existence of this Mobile Police Note Letter, the community was very enthusiast in the making of police note letter. The community that before would like to have the police note letter who had issued on the time and distance especially for the community who stay in Lhoong area, Leupung, Lhoknga, and Pulo Aceh with this new program they are really helpful to get help from Resort Police of Aceh Besar.

D. Impact and Sustainability

 10. What were the key benefits resulting from this initiative?
Base on the respondent from the community who came to do this police note letter in units that provided by the police resort of Aceh Besar, it was resulted that the increasing percentage on the satisfaction was high enough and this condition was very different with before this innovation implemented. From that result, then monthly evaluation has done by the police resort of Aceh Besar together with police of Indonesia Republic in partnership to solve some impacts, as followed: The impact on Service Quality: - the increasing on the number of people who have the will on the mobile police note letter service increase as 87% in 2015 compare to the year before as 60%. Meanwhile in 2016 the number was increased very significant up to 93%, it means that increased 6% from 2015. - the clear role of Police Indonesia Republic and the community that create a better service, in negative or in positive. The Impact on Accessing the Service: - the existences of Police Indonesia Republic in the middle of the community take a very importance role and supportand easier the community to make the police note letter. Before the distance was very far, by the existence of this mobile police note letter the community are very helpful especially in the area of Leupung Sub District, Lhoong Sub District, Lhoknga Sub District and Pulo Aceh Sub District. - This Partnership program of public service is having a very good respond by the wider community in Aceh Besar. The community really would like to have this Police Note Letter Program to be sustaining in the further. - Because of the existence of this Police Note Letter Police the community requested to Police Aceh Besar to add more days or schedule in the future for this mobile police note letter to have it twice in a week. If it is possible, the hopes from community are to have it every day in the future. The impact for Public: increasing the awareness to community who enthusiastic in making this police note letter because the distance now is close enough and it is helpful especially for the area like Lhoknga Sub District, Lhoong Sub District, Leupung Sub District and also for Pulo Aceh Sub District.

 11. Did the initiative improve integrity and/or accountability in public service? (If applicable)
This initiative has a very little chance to get corrupt in to it. Since there was service determination on no more illegal fee from community, policing, and the safety of the implementation on police note letter management running well and optimal. This initiative already been running for these 2 years, integrate very well together with the local government and Aceh Besar Community. The police resort of Aceh Besar showed and proved that they are partner in giving the best public service for wider community.

 12. Were special measures put in place to ensure that the initiative benefits women and girls and improves the situation of the poorest and most vulnerable? (If applicable)
This initiative is giving benefits to all community elements in a fair way and affective without any differentiate to any level of community and to individualism need. The most important thing from this initiative is that the way of police officer in picking up the ball that put in focus for elderly veteran. The officers come to the house of elderly veteran to help them in managing their police note letter as noted that the condition and their limitation that make them having difficulty in going to unit location that far or to go to local sector police office. this service is so special because it has helped 94 veterans elderly commencing from the year 2015 amounted to 12 people and in 2016 amounted to 82 people in the care of SKCK them for the sake of making money given by the state as a form of respect and homage to the fighters active in the battle to fight The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.

Contact Information

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Title:   Security And Intelligent Unit Of Aceh Besar Police  
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