The Development of Agribusiness Consultancy Clinic to Decrease Poverty at Gunungkidul Regency ( Peng
Department of Agriculture and Food Gunungkidul Regency (Dinas Pertanian dan Pangan Kabupaten Gunungk

A. Problem Analysis

 1. What was the problem before the implementation of the initiative?
Gunung Kidul Regency is located in the east section of Yogyakarta and is located in the southern part of Java island country Indonesia 1. The majority Farmland in Gunung Kidul Regency is categorized as less fertile, dry or rained land. prior 2. Contributions Farmers and groups to play an active role in developing the agricultural business (agribusiness) in the broad sense is not yet ideal. Farmers are more valid as objects rather than subjects in the national information system. 3. Demands on the target of the expansion of the national land and increasing production of the agricultural sector become a burden as many functions of agricultural land use has changed. It is affected by the declining number of farmers especially labors in agriculture which is now dominated by old people (over 40 years of age ) because many productive age tend to move to the big cities. Young people are reluctant to continue agricultural activities and they prefer to work in other sectors. This situation becomes a threat and the decreasing number labor in agriculture may affect a high risk of food crops. 4. The added value of the aquaculture farm has not been done by farmers or farmer groups therefore farmers' income has not yet increased significantly. 5Agriculture in Gunung Kidul regency is dominated by small-scale farmers efforts undertaken by 54.41% of the total population (based on BPS, Statistical Area, 2014) with total area of 148 536 ha of which are dominated by non field / farm / moor area of 140 671 (BPS, Gunung Kidul in Figures 2014). Land ownership is also dominated by small farmers (land held faucet of 5,000 m²) , 125 415 number of households with 75.43% of total farmer households, (BPS DIY, Reports Results Agricultural Census 2013). This regency also had a small capital low productivity of paddy fields which is only KWT 45.10 / ha., 35.88 KWT / ha Cord field and KWT 13.34 / ha Soybeans field (BPS, Regional Statistics, 2014). These conditions gave less favorable impact in global market competition because farmers apply advanced specific technologies which would affect low efficiency business and low number and quality of the product. 6. The farmers’ mindsets which are still conventional. 7. The majority of small farmers land ownership. 8. Diversification of processing agricultural products is still low.

B. Strategic Approach

 2. What was the solution?
1. Department of Agriculture and Food as well as stakeholders (farmers, farmers' groups, academics, researchers, community leaders, NGOs, CSR) jointly start a coaching system with farmer group approach based on local wisdom and take advantage of technological advances. The real actionof the approachis the development of Agribusiness Consultancy Clinic (KKA) through a responsive service towards farmers’ problems and their needs. 2. Increase the Capacity of Farmers. 3. Increase Revenue and Welfare of Farmers.

 3. How did the initiative solve the problem and improve people’s lives?
Agribusiness Consultancy Clinic is a community service unit to farmers.This clinic is wherethe main doers and entrepreneurs consult in solving their problems related to farming bussiness on agriculture, pest control and the processing and marketing of agricultural products. Its existence is gradually able to change the situation and offer solutions for all problems of farmers. Although it has limited facilities and infrastructure as well as the number and competency of human resources, it remains committed to support and ensure good governance and accountability and clean governance as well. Hopefully it will boost the productivity of people's lives effectively and efficiently, especially for farmers.. The implementation and application of the initiative are: - Development of networking. - Use of Extension, Self Extension, Farmer Youth Forum and Group of Women Farmers. - Apprenticeship. - Consultation services and Dissemination - Incubator agribusiness. Among those ones, the consultation services and innovation Dissemination is aimed to beable to solve problems and contribute to improve the welfare of farmers. It uses creative and innovative services which meet the needs of farmers.

C. Execution and Implementation

 4. In which ways is the initiative creative and innovative?
There has been mindset, behaviors, skills, and attitudes change of farming community.  By developing agribusiness consulting clinics scattered throughout GunungKidul district which have heldservices that have alreadybeen standardized.  By using consulting media that is easily accessible by all groups in society, including the ones with special needs,namely: radio broadcasts with native language, community radio, television, the spreading of information through leaflets, banners, bilboard, consultation online through websites, web blogs, cyber extension etc. ,  extension methods which meet the needs of farmers including tutorial, behavior system, internships, demonstration plots, pilot lands of Agricultural Extension Center, Kajiterap or the implementation of studies , demfarm)  Providing competent extension workers (Governmental exentions, freelance Agricultural Extensions , Self Extensions)  Formed and facilitated by cadets farmer forum  Applying local wisdom- based technology  Empowering female farmers community

 5. Who implemented the initiative and what is the size of the population affected by this initiative?
Agribusiness Consultancy Clinic is a complementary activity of the extension system.The increasing demands of farming community towards comprehensively better counseling service, encourage the counselors who gather in the institutional place at Department of Agriculture and Food Gunungkidul who feel the need to optimize the development of the pattern of illumination through diversification of extension services closer to the audience, among others with radio broadcasts using local languages (Java). By this reason, Agribusiness Consultation Clinical development of agribusiness consulting is more convenient to vulnerable populations such as the provision of special lanes for wheelchair and lactation rooms for nursing mothers. As for of farmers who benefited agribusiness consulting clinic is 241 farmer groups or 7,230 people
 6. How was the strategy implemented and what resources were mobilized?
Empowering and institutional strengthening of the main roles and businessmen is one of the important factors that determines the success of building systems and agribusiness in a certain region. The systems and agribusiness can grow and develop well when the main institutional role and businessmen are strong. To empower institutional key role and businesses Counseling Centres in the district, we will do the following actions: 1. identifying the main institutional actors and entrepreneurs in the region. 2. mapping the real state institutions in the working area of the counseling centers including : level of management skills, capital, scale of operations and partnerships undertaken. 3. setting out empowerment and institutional strengthening plans Empowering and strengthening activities may include: a. Exercise and Visits (LAKU); b. apprenticeships; c. comparative study; d. develop a network of cooperation / partnership; e. agribusiness consulting services; f. Empowerment of female farmers society and youth farmers ; The system in the mechanisms and procedures of Agribusiness Consultancy Clinic services are as follows: 1. Residents / Farmers as the main role / entrepreneurs come to BP3K in each sub-district subsequently accepted by the officer on duty and fill the attendance list and directly tell their problems 2. The Officers of the Agribusiness Consultancy Clinic noted problems and provide consultation by providing alternative solutions through a variety of clinical support facilities such as library, room display or piloting garden etc. 3. If the duty offices are unable to provide alternative solutions, they can bring the clients or refer to the extension experts / supervisor or Farmersas the main actors / competent entrepreneurs competent 4.Among several alternatives provided, the clinic gives the most possible recommendations to be to be implemented by farmers / main actors / entrepreneurs 5. Based on the recommendations given, arrange an action plan which will be monitored by the counselor. The Resources used to consultation clinic agribusiness service are : A. Infrastructures •Parking lot • Wheelchairs Lane • Waiting / guest room • Consultation Room • Display Space • Lactation Room • Library •Internet Network • Demonstration plot BP3K • Television •Bathroom • kitchen • The means of agricultural technology infrastructure such as: Tool tile, a graduated Rainfall, Dry Soil Test Device (PUTK), Paddy Soil Test Device (PUTS), Leaf Colour Chart, PH meter, Meter Roll, Tractor B. The competentExtension workers • Agricultural Extension 66 • Agricultural Extension freelance assistants 41 • Governmental Extension 144 C. Businessmen / the main agent as competent practitioners in a Governmental Rural agricultural training center D. Business Network for marketing and banking to capital E. The budget for the implementation of the Agribusiness Consultation Clinic is derived from various sources state budget, self budget (the inadequacy on budget implementationof Agribusiness Consultancy Clinic can be saidnone , but to overcome those obstacles we must empower the agricultural extension freelance assistants and the ones to join the training of agribusiness, of the State Budget from APBN US$ 8288 and from APBD US$ 3708

 7. Who were the stakeholders involved in the design of the initiative and in its implementation?
Those are: Extension fields, Extension experts, farmers, the main actor / entrepreneurs, female Farmer Groups and cadets farmer The roles of each stakeholder are as follows: 1. Structural officials of Department of Agriculture and Food ranging from Head of Department, Head of Division, Head of Section / Subbid and sub division. play their role in public policy making and technical implementation of Clinical Services and Consulting Agribusiness Supply Supporting facilities and infrastructure Agribusiness Consultancy Clinic. 2. The extension fields throughout BP3K act as an officer who carry out their task in the public service of agribusiness consultation clinic 3. The extension experts and main roles and competent businesses will be as reference and assistance for field counselors on duty when if they are difficult in providing consulting agribusiness services. 4. Farmers, farmer groups, the main actors / businessemen become the partners of Department of Agriculture and Food in the learning and development of agricultural businesses both in the cultivating and processing

 8. What were the most successful outputs and why was the initiative effective?
The output of the activities of Agribusiness Consultation Clinic is providing solution in solving problems on agribusiness. The real manifestation of its activity output is the more increasing farmer’s ability, the handling of farmers in dealing with agricultural problems, the use of appropriate instruments to farmers, the stronger cooperation among farmers groups, a group of farmers implementing agribusiness with the increase of crops parameter, whichisreflected by a comparison of the contribution of agricultural sector in PDRD (Regional Revenue domestic areas) amounted 4,34 % (Based on Gunungkidul, 2015). Agribusiness Consultation with clinic activities have increased revenues through utilization of the yard is done by mothers mum farmers to meet the needs of daily living and create jobs in agriculture in the village so as to reduce the rate of urbanization.

 9. What were the main obstacles encountered and how were they overcome?
The main obstacles is lack of civil servants extensions, institutional capacity and human resources are not yet well distributed in each BP3K, and inadequate budget for the clinic management. Attempted solutions to overcome these obstacles is to empower freelance ,Agricultural Extension (THL-TBPP) and Governmental Extension, send counselors to join the training of agribusiness, and optimize facility Agricultural Extension Center. Funding is sought Utilizing Local Public Broadcasters, Community Radio and Commercial Radio To Participate in information spreading agricultural technology to farmers in particular and society in general to synergize the resources of funds either the state funding, the budget, or self-funding.

D. Impact and Sustainability

 10. What were the key benefits resulting from this initiative?
The success of education programs through Consultancy Clinic Visits Agribusiness and Extension has a direct impact in improving the welfare of society in both macro and micro area, as it is shown by the dominance of the agricultural sector's contribution in PDRD in constant prices of 33,29% in Gunung Kidul Regency, as well as increasing the living standard of farmers which is sporadically shown by rising income and asset ownership of agricultural products. The advantage recognition of Unit Public Service Department of Agriculture and Food Gunungkidul for stakeholders: 1. Since Agribusiness Consultancy Clinic reinforced with the implementation of Service Standards, the numbers of Stakeholders who visits to each BP3K increase to average 288 people in the entire BP3K in Gunungkidul district. 2. In the system of counselor visited agribusiness farmers to provide services (outlined in the SOP) number / frequency of visits per educator is average 16 times per month. The number of counselors in the Department of Agriculture and Food Gunungkidul increaseof 116 people so that the total traffic from all extension is 1856 per month. 3. Agribusiness Consultancy Clinic has also expanded its network of cooperation among stakeholders and other parties embodied in various forms of cooperation agreements 4. Recognition of the existence of the Department of Agriculture and Food in Gunungkidul as Public Service Work Units (UKPP) is also expressed through various awards which has been achieved both in the central, provincial and district level. For instance,they won National Farmers Example in 3 consecutive years, they are: Siswo Hartono (2013), FX Taryono (2014), Supraptono (2015). The 2015 award is Abdibaktitanireceived from Ministry of Agriculture as the Public Service Employment Unit (UKPP) Achievement in Agriculture.

 11. Did the initiative improve integrity and/or accountability in public service? (If applicable)
The significant difference before and after the consultation clinic agribusiness service innovations are: 1. Changes in behavior patterns of attitude and skills of farmers / farmer groups assisted; 2. Farmers' income increase ofwhichisreflected by a comparison of the contribution of agricultural sector in PDRD amounted 4,34 % (Based on Gunungkidul, 2015) 3. Frequency of visits farmers to increase Agribusiness Consultancy Clinic 4. Extension visits to farmer groups increased from 8770 in 2013 to 9,015 in 2014 5. Cooperation facilitated in order to improve the ability of farmers as much as 34 pieces 6. Appreciation and awards received in recognition of the performance of the Department of Agriculture and Food in GunungKiduldistrictwhichobtained 4 awards annually in 2012, 6 awards in 2013, 11 awards in 2014 and 12 awards in 2015. 7. After the clinical innovation Agribusiness Consulting No Introductory material Agricultural Technology in Elementary School 8. Diversification of processed agricultural products

 12. Were special measures put in place to ensure that the initiative benefits women and girls and improves the situation of the poorest and most vulnerable? (If applicable)
The initiative is done successfully because of the commitment of farmers, farmer groups, Gapoktan and with assistance from the government which represented by a power extension tutorial. Without their cooperation , the Department of Agriculture and Food initiative will not be accepted by public and behavior change will not happen so quickly. The approach emphasizes public participation to increase the sense of ownership and accountability for the results proved indispensable after the innovation of media rooted in community radio, primarily to women farmers' knowledge and growing. By the concept of PSK change (Behavior, Attitudes and Abilities), it is expected to members of the targeted primarily female, would be able to take advantage of the innovations whichhave prepared. Indicators of the successful of this targeting women innovation is approached by several ways including: 1. Utilization of unused yard to grow crops may could generate profits. 2. Establishment of KWT engaged in the manufacture of Mie mocaf 3. The production and farmers' income especiallyfor female farmers is increasing. The Sustainability of these innovations, especially women farmers is their KRPL program (Sustainable Food Sustainable Region). This innovation is expected to growing hopes in farmers who have contributed to the advancement of female farmer groups in particular way and the welfare of farmers in general.

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