The Sun for The Poor in Purbalingga (STeP in Bangga)
State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga (SMK Negeri 3 Purbalingga)

A. Problem Analysis

 1. What was the problem before the implementation of the initiative?
Purbalingga Regency is a regency in the southwestern part of Central Java province in Indonesia. It has an area of 677.55 km². It is flanked by Banyumas, Pemalang, and Banjarnegara. It is a regency which is contoured by80% hilly area and 20% lowland area with 881 831 populations in 2012 with the poor amounted to 181 400, or approximately 24% of the populations. The hills affect of trouble in finding a decent livelihood. Seeing the condition of remote communities that are far from sufficiency caused they have difficulty in education. 12-years compulsory education program is just a slogan for many primary and secondary school graduates because they could not continue their education to a higher level. Purbalingga regency government got allocated grants funds from the central government in 2011 amounted to 21 billion for the Purbalingga regency government within five years in a row was rated well in the planning, establishing, implementing and evaluating of the budget from 2007 to 2011.

B. Strategic Approach

 2. What was the solution?
Pro poor, the focus of this program is to reduce the poverty in education field, this program is not only for low level family, but also for the students for poor family who really want to continue their study. Pro Job, the graduates of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga will get a job through the School Job Agency or become an entrepreneur. Pro Investment, the students are educated in the religious approach, semi-military, entrepreneurship, life skills and keep the environment in order to establish the character and formidable personal (high morale, unyielding) superior (creative, innovative, effective and high dedication), exemplary (able to follow and provide good benefits to the environment), and good moral.

 3. How did the initiative solve the problem and improve people’s lives?
The establishment of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga is intended to give access of education to the poor for free, whether the school fees, the school supplies and the daily necessities by using a system of boarding school (dormitories). Those guarantees are definitely lighten the burden on parents, to be more concentrate to support their family without thinking about their children's school fees.

C. Execution and Implementation

 4. In which ways is the initiative creative and innovative?
The Boarding School system in this school is the new program in Purbalingga as well as in Central Java. The creativity system of boarding school allows parents to send their children to the full day school system and the children can be supervised in full either by school teachers as the morning until noon, and supervised by the teacher tutor and Personal YP PAN at the afternoon until morning. The free learning guarantees in State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga, consists of the financing of schools, school practices, industrial visits, internship program (prakerin program), exams and the others, even parents do not spend daily allowance, is as an innovation that should be followed by other schools in order to participate the succeed of 12-years compulsory education program. This breakthrough is considered having a positive feedback for the poor in Purbalingga for the long terms.

 5. Who implemented the initiative and what is the size of the population affected by this initiative?
Purbalingga Regent, in 2009 to 2012 (Drs. Heru Sudjatmoko, M.Sc.) and his wife, is the main figure who initiated the establishment of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga. Mr. H. Tasdi, SH M.M., the chairman of Purbalingga parliament in 2009 until 2016, had a role as the patron of regulation. The Head of BAPPEDA Purbalingga Regency, Ir. Setyadi, M.Sc., Mr. Yanuar Abidin the Head of DPPKAD Purbalingga, Mr. Drs. Subeno, S.E., M.Sc., and the Head of Purbalingga Education Department, are the figures who are in charge, from the Executive to legislative. Then the functionaries of non-profit foundation, Domestic Children Care Foundation (YP PAN), which mostly consists of the functionaries who care about education and poverty in Purbalingga are as the assistant manager. This program has affected about 72 families until 2016.
 6. How was the strategy implemented and what resources were mobilized?
The education management of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga embraces two curriculums. The national vocational education curriculum is used from 07.00 am until 03.00 pm. Students are educated and trained in vocational competence and certification testing standards. The learning is continued by using dormitory curriculum from 03:00 pm up to 06.30 pm where the students are educated in the religious approach, semi-military, entrepreneurship, life skills and keep the environment in order to establish the character and formidable personal (high morale, unyielding) superior (creative, innovative, effective and high dedication), exemplary (able to follow and provide good benefits to the environment), and good moral. The dual educational process of this system requires high integrity educators, financial budget, and education facilities and infrastructure support

 7. Who were the stakeholders involved in the design of the initiative and in its implementation?
The societies are also much involved in the establishment and implementation of the management of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga, including the Purbalingga Education Council, The Sub District head, the urban village head, The Headmaster of Junior High School, the Guidance and Counselling teacher, the practitioners of business and industry in Purbalingga Regency.

 8. What were the most successful outputs and why was the initiative effective?
State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga has contributed many success to the society that is keeping the environment. The Contribution to Purbalingga Regency which is contributed from the education sector assessment in ParasamyaPurnaKaryaNugraha the President of Indonesia in 2014, TOP 99 SINOVIK in 2016, TOP 35 SINOVIC in 2016. Various championships of various competitions have been successfully acvieved in the regency, provincial, and national level (list attached). The one hundred percent first graduates in 2016 got jobs that were routed through the School Job Angency with the first graduates were 65 students from poor families. The graduates were scattered in various companies, namely PT. RahmatPerdanaAdi Metal (Cikarang, Indonesia), PT.AdhiWijaya Citra (Bekasi, Indonesia), PT. MadaWikri Tunggal (Cikarang, Indonesia), PT. LaksnaKaroseri (Semarang, Indonesia). The first graduates are already contributing to their family financial and helping their siblings to continue their study. We agree that the success of education is certainly not only in terms of financial, but also an increased in the spirit of life, the change of mindset, the change in attitude, discipline and character, those are also important elements that are not able to be put aside. The innovation strategy of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga is in line with poverty reduction, namely the implementation of family planning, improvement of health instructor, provision of school for graduates of junior high school (SMP) that does not have funds for education and skills training. The students get a lesson more than the standard curriculum. There are synergies between religious knowledge, discipline, entrepreneurship, and structured learning outside of school hours. Students of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga reached numerous achievements in national level competitions among in terms of academics, sports and extracurricular activities. Competence majors tailored to the needs of the market, namely the competence of welding and machining. Works as a welder and machining much needed overhaul. Have co-operation with various company partner schools to provide employment to the graduates

 9. What were the main obstacles encountered and how were they overcome?
The things that hinder the smooth of running such innovations. (1) The difference of the first vision and mission planning, there were who agree and disagree with the reason for underprivileged students in the course to regular schools that already exist for school fees waived. These obstacles could be overcome by a discussion that was long enough with the founders, education professionals, language experts, practitioners of business and industry, some approaches were done by giving understanding that the regular school would be different from boarding school, especially in terms of the management of educational character, then the existing competence in regular schools tend to be already quite saturated so that if the poor students are schooled in mainstream schools feared once completed they will remain a burden on his parents. (2) Implementation of the Educational Program State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga. These constraints can be resolved by an intensive discussion of the various groups and practitioners, to seek a collaboration model of regular education and dormitories. (3) Implementation of the program to the graduates of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga. This obstacle was resolved by discussion and debate of the founders, the Foundation Purbalingga Peduli Anak Bangsa (YP-PAN) and practitioners Business and Industries and they agreed that there were three schemes that are able to be done to accommodate the graduates of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga, those are work, entrepreneurship, and continuing the study to University with the scholarship from government.

D. Impact and Sustainability

 10. What were the key benefits resulting from this initiative?
The benefits of this innovation are means of education of interest and relied upon by poor people especially those are living in rural areas. They get a glimmer of hope to rise and be optimistic to look to the future in a way to send their sons at the school for free. School graduates can work in the welding companies and industrial enterprises to later learn entrepreneurship after working proficiently. Many benefits that can be generated from this innovation, such as: 1. Participate the success of government programs, that is 12-years compulsory education program; 2. All the community can get equitable share of education; 3. There are three schemes graduate students of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga which is expected to be done well, those are (1) they are able to work in the real sector forge welding, or welding and machining company, (2) they are able to become entrepreneur in the welding sector, which is much needed, (3) they are expected to get an educational scholarship from the government in order to get better job; 4. The graduates of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga are able to bring themselves and adapt in any environment to life and able to color the environment with a good life; 5. Underprivileged community in Purbalingga feels optimistic to send their sons, not to worry about the fees and feels more optimistic to face the future; 6. Raise a high sense of social conscience; 7. The students always try to ask people to do the best; 8. Break the chains of poverty in Purbalingga Regency; 9. Decrease the crime rate arising from the poverty problem in Purbalingga Regency.

 11. Did the initiative improve integrity and/or accountability in public service? (If applicable)
Yes, The management of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga gives a plus for players, managers and the public as well as local government of Purbalingga. Budget that starts from the needs analysis, pouring in budget plans, budgeting, budget execution to budget accountability is done with strict supervision and integrated. This gives an accountable financing scheme can be justified. Management of this kind is expected to minimize irregularities in the planning process to accountability for the budget for all sectors of government, which is expected to be able to form a good goverment in improving the integrity in public service.

 12. Were special measures put in place to ensure that the initiative benefits women and girls and improves the situation of the poorest and most vulnerable? (If applicable)
Yes, The funds of the management of State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga involve all of the forces both within public institutions and supporting institutions. One of the benefits of this program is to help the poor widows who want to send their sons to study.

Contact Information

Institution Name:   State Vocational High School 3 Purbalingga (SMK Negeri 3 Purbalingga)
Institution Type:   Local Government  
Contact Person:   Hastin Afiyati
Title:   Teacher for State Vocational High School 3 Purbali  
Telephone/ Fax:   +6285227884809
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Address:   Gembong RT 005 RW 003 Bojongsari
Postal Code:   53362
City:   Purbalingga
State/Province:   Central Java

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