Dental Care


"Regular dental care is the best protection for healthy teeth. In the city of Zurich, the school dental care instructors support parents in their efforts to keep their children's teeth healthy through regular visits to all classes. From kindergarten to grade 6, the school dental care instructors visit each school class 5 times a year. In secondary school there are two lessons per year. They practice correct tooth brushing with the children and provide them with age-appropriate information on dental health and a tooth-friendly diet. School dental care lessons are a program that lasts until the end of elementary school. The city of Zurich bears the costs of this service. The school dental care instructors show all school children how to brush their teeth properly and provide information about a tooth-friendly diet. They have been in use for 40 years and have made a significant contribution to reducing tooth decay in Switzerland. The Swiss school dental care is a successful model. You can find more information on the contribution of school dental care instructors to healthy teeth in children and adolescents in the flyer below. The children receive individual prophylaxis such as oral hygiene advice, professional tooth cleaning and local fluoridation of the teeth by our specially trained prophylaxis assistants in the individual school dental clinics. However, tooth decay does not just begin when you enter kindergarten. Regular oral hygiene should therefore be started from the eruption of the first teeth. A tooth-friendly diet helps keep teeth healthy even in toddler age. Free snack boxes for all children in the 2nd kindergarten level All children of the 2nd kindergarten level in the city of Zurich receive a practical snack box from the school dental care instructors. This is intended to support the children in cultivating a good morning culture not only in kindergarten, but also after moving to the first grade. "






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