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Consultations in preparation for the UN E-Government Survey 2022(for the Americas)
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Monday, May 17, 2021 2:00 PM
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Monday, May 17, 2021 3:30 PM
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One time event
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Consultations in preparation for the UN E-Government Survey 2022

(for the Americas)

17th May 2021: 6PM Standard GMT




In preparation for the UN E-government Survey 2022 and with the aim to improve the Survey and its methodology, UN DESA is organizing consultation sessions with stakeholders to gather feedback and suggestions for the UN E-Government Survey 2022.



•  UN E-government Survey 2020 Spanish Version 



Supporting Documents

•  Agenda/List of Speakers

•  Flyer (English)

•  Flyer (Spanish)

•  Flyer (Spanish) (PNG file)

•  Report



•  Presentation by Deniz Susar (Moderator)

•  Opening Remarks by Vincenzo Aquaro (Chief of Digital Government Branch - UN DESA)

•  Remarks by Juan Gustavo Corvalán (PhD. Director of the Laboratory of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, School of Law, University of Buenos Aires) (Spanish)

•  Remarks by Juan Gustavo Corvalán (English translation)

•  Presentation by Juan Gustavo Corvalán

•  Presentation by Arpine Korekyan




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Other Sessions

• 5th May 2021: 12PM Standard GMT (Global during the WSIS Forum 2021) - Completed, please click here for session details.
• 14th May 2021: 2AM Standard GMT (for Asia Pacific) (13th May 2021, 10PM EST) - Completed, please click here for session details.
• 24th May 2021: 12PM Standard GMT (for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) (8AM EST) - Completed, please click here for session details.



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