WPSR 2018 Presentations and Background Materials

Presentations of the report


Discussion around the World Public Sector Report 2018 in the margin of CEPA, April 26, 2018

·   Opening Remarks by ASG Elliot Harris

·   World Public Sector Report 2018 Highlights

Presentation of Chapter 7, “Realizing the SDGs in post-conflict situations: Challenges for the State”, at UNDP, May 2, 2018

·   Presentation

Presentation of the World Public Sector Report for supreme audit institutions, New York, July 20, 2018

·   Presentation

Presentation of the World Public Sector Report 2018 at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai, 13 May 2019

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Received contributions that met the requirements of the call for Policy Briefs

·   “Global Transformation in the Mirror of the Ecosystemic Approach: Consequences for Public Policies, Research and Teaching”
    Author: André Francisco Pilon (University of São Paulo, International Academy of Science, Health & Ecology)

·   “Working together by Tackling the Missing Linkages in Multi-Level Governance”
    Author: Prof. Dr. Edoardo Ongaro (Open University, and president of the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA))

·   “Climate-Induced Migration in Bangladesh: Assessing the current situation, Gap of Government Responses and Way forward with Policy Implications”
    Authors: Khalid Md. Bahauddin (Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR)), Nayma Iftakhar (KDI School of Public Policy and Management), and Md. Hanif Uddin (North South 


·   “Integration, coordination and Coherence for Agenda 2030 and SDGs”
    Authors: Sten Thore (The IC2 Institute, University of Texas at Austin), Ruzanna Tarverdyan (Geneva Consensus Foundation), and Martina Lubyova (Centre for Social and Psychological 

    Research (SAS))

·   “Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in Cities: Making the Case for a Better Integration of National and Local SD Strategies”
    Author: Kai Harbrich (University of Potsdam)

·   “Respuestas integradas de los gobiernos sub nacionales: el caso del Sistema municipal de educación inicial de la ciudad de Santa Fe”
    Local Government of the city of Santa Fe, Argentina.
Author: Erica Figueroa, Secretary of Education of the city of Santa Fe.

·   “The contribution of the Supreme Audit Institutions to the 2030 Agenda”
    Author: Carlos Eduardo Lustosa da Costa

·   “Water-Energy-Food Nexus Towards Meeting SDG14 and SDG6 and Bridging with other SDGs”
    Author: Sulaiman O. Olanrewaju (University Malaysia Terengganu School of Ocean Engineering)