Zero violence against women


"Creating an urban environment that is safe for women Seoul Metropolitan Government is focusing on the implementation of policies for women’s safety in response to the reality that more women feel insecure due to continuing instances of sexual violence.-Environment safety network (home crime prevention service, Safe Delivery for Women, crime prevention through environmental design ), Human safety network (scout for the safe return home of women, safety village for women, village guard), Traffic safety network (midnight owl service, subway sheriff), Prevention-based countermeasures (Internet citizens’ monitoring group, campaigning for the eradication of violence against women), One-stop service for report & protection. (professional legal and medical consulting, expanding protection facilities for female victims of violence). Policies for the support of single women One out of four households in Seoul is a single household, with women accounting for 53 percent of them. This rapidly changing social environment has been reflected in the establishment of a comprehensive policy for one-woman families, which received a superior award in the UN Public Administration Awards. -Provision of public rental housing for single women, visiting health management service for working single women, customized anti-smoking and anti-drinking clinic, job fair for single women, promoting communities for single women, operating female-friendly nighttime and weekend sports programs. "


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