Socioeconomic Impact of COVID-19: Policy Briefs


"ESCWA as one of the UN regional commission aiming at strengthening regional collaboration for social and economic development in the Arab region have launched series of Policy Briefs on Socioeconomic Impact of COVID-19 in the Arab region. The policy briefs cover wide range areas such as the COVID-19 impact on poverty and food security, COVID-19 economic cost to the Arab region, COVID-19 impact on Gender Equality and COVID-19 impact on water scare. The policy briefs aim is to mitigate the mounting threat of COVID-19 especially that people across the region must work together to limit transmissions and fatalities by thinking of and protecting others, especially the most vulnerable. Additionally, human welfare and social solidarity must be at the core of any recovery initiative to eradicate this contagion, and allow Governments to resume their efforts towards a secure, just and prosperous world for all."





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