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"The tree is a symbol of life, family and home. Since 2019, the city has provided an opportunity is free plant a personal tree in honor of the birth of a child. By the spring of 2022 prepared a place for landing 9 703 trees within the territory of 11 parks. Until the end of the application submission remains Day 131 . To date, 1,622 trees have already been booked. (as of the timing of this research) How does it work? Choose a park and tree to plant Take advantage of interactive map, where you can select a park, site and tree species for planting. Tree availability data is displayed online. For the project ""Our Tree"" large, viable plants are being prepared - 10-15-year-old seedlings with a developed rhizome with a height of over 5 meters for deciduous trees and over 2.5 meters for conifers. Planting will be carried out in autumn and spring - at the most favorable season for the survival of the tree. Apply for tree planting After choosing a tree and a park , fill out the electronic form . There is enough information about the child and one of the parents. The term for making a decision is not more than seven working days . In case of a positive decision, you will receive a notification with the dates of disembarkation and the solemn event. If all landing spots have been booked or you have not found a suitable tree, Contact us or apply for the next season. Take part in a tree planting and gala event You will receive invitations to plant a tree and a special event dedicated to it three days before their arrival. They will indicate the exact date, time and place of planting the family tree. Since the trees are large, they will be planted by specialists using special equipment . You can take part in the final planting work: leveling the tree, arranging the hole and strengthening the plant - you will be provided with the necessary equipment and instructed . Come to the party! A few days after disembarkation , each park will host a holiday for little Muscovites and their parents. Within two weeks, the applicant will receive an electronic certificate of the named tree with the exact coordinates to his personal account. If the tree gets hurt The greening service will do everything to save weakened plants. If your seedling is damaged within three years from the moment of planting, it will be replaced in the next recommended period - in spring or autumn. You will be advised of the need for replacement and a photo of the newly planted tree will be sent. You can also track the health of the planted plant and if you find that the tree is sick or damaged - Contact us... Specialists will ensure that the necessary measures are taken and the problem will be solved . Then the user proceeds to select a tree and select the site where the tree shall be planted. How was it in 2019? In the fall of 2019, the first stage of the Our Tree campaign ended. More than 2,300 Moscow families have planted personalized trees in 27 parks in the capital. Parents of boys most often chose oaks and pines for planting, and girls - lindens and willows. In the Setun River Valley, Izmailovo, Pokrovsky-Streshnevo, Bitsevsky Forest and other green areas of Moscow, there are now 450 young oaks, 390 pines, 260 willows, 230 maples, as well as apple, spruce, pear and rowan trees named after young Muscovites. "


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