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Pretoria Workshop - December 2007

10-11 December 2007
Hatfield Campus - University of Pretoria, South Africa


Following the indications that emerged from the Conference in Abuja, the Workshop aimed at finalising the African Legislative Drafting by bringing together 50 experts in legislative drafting from 21 African countries covering the three main African legislative traditions (English, French and Portuguese).

The two-day workshop, that did see several passionate debates on how best to improved the guidelines, was followed by a one-day meeting of the Editorial Team that was honoured by the participations also of Professor Vincent Crabbe and of his invaluable and wise advice.

The new version of the Guidelines has then been posted online for further round of reviews before the finalisation.

You can find the most up to date version of the Guidelines here.

You can find the Aide Memoire of the Workshop here.

You can find the list of participants here.