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AT4AM for ALL, the web editor for amending legislation of the European Parliament is released in Open Source

On 19 March 2013, Vice President of the European Parliament, Rainer Wieland, announced, in a video conference with the Assistant Secretary General for General Assembly and Conference Management Department of the of United Nations  from New York, the Senate of Italy from Rome, and the UN/DESA’s Africa i-Parliaments Action Plan from Nairobi  the availability of AT4AM for All, the open source version their very successful amendment tool.


AT4AM for All is the Open Source release of AT4AM, the web-based amendment authoring tool used at the European Parliament. The tool has been used in the European Parliament for more than two years and it has managed more than 250,000 amendments. It has a very easy to use user-interface and makes the management of amendments very easy and efficient. See here a video presentation of  AT4AM currently in use at the European Parliament.


We are very happy to have been part of the this initiative and  our work with Bungeni and more in general regarding the promotion of Open Source as an effective strategy for sustainable services for all parliaments, has played an important role in supporting the European Parliaments in its decision to open source AT4AM.


The Africa i-Parliament team has been busy in working on the integration of AT4AM for ALL into the Bungeni Parliamentary information system. Once the final release of AT4AM for ALL will be ready, we believe that the integration will also be finalised and so AT4AM for ALL will be one of the modules of Bungeni.


We are also proud to say that AT4AM and AT4AM for ALL use the Akoma Ntoso XML format as their input and output formats. As you may know Akoma Ntoso is on the final months of the standardisation procedure at OASIS and it is expected that Akoma Ntoso becomes a formal international standard and these will even more facilitate its adoption by an increasing number of parliaments and legislative bodies in the future.


We are happy to say that our years of work and after the overcoming of many challenges and the scepticism of many, our focus on Open Source (Bungeni) and Open Standards (Akoma Ntoso) for the sustainable delivery of sustainable services for all parliaments have now gained traction and supporters from all continents. Our congratulations and thanks to the European Parliaments and Italian Senate for leading roles in these efforts.


The code of Open AT4AM is released under the European open source licence EUPL. For more information  and to access the code and the sample of Open AT4AM you can visit the web site: