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The first version of Akoma Ntoso released by OASIS.

This release is the first to be created as a deliverable of the OASIS LegalDocML Technical Committee. It contains answers to a number of requirements by the European Parliament, by the Library of Congress of Chile, by XCential, and by CIRSFID.


Several changes have been made from the namespaces to comply with OASIS requirements and several elements have been added. For more detailed information please see Release Notes.


A new document type has been added, statement, to describe documents that are official outputs of a legislative assembly but are not a normative nature, such as non-binding resolutions, etc. This is also meant to accommodate international organizations like the UN or so where e.g. "resolution" could fit well here.


It is important to notice that version 3.0 is the first version formally produced by the OASIS LegalDocML Technical Committee and so a very critical step toward the formal process of Akoma Ntoso becoming an OASIS Standard for parliamentary, legislative and judiciary documents.