Департамент по экономическим и социальным вопросам Государственные учреждения
2011 United Nations Public Service Forum, Day and Awards Ceremony
Expected Results
The event is expected to achieve the following goals:

    • Increased knowledge of public administration strategies and trends, as well as tools in the four inter-related areas
    • Enhanced sharing of knowledge and practices, which will be included in the United Nations Public Administration Country Studies (PACS) and a relevant publication.
    • Greater understanding of the key success factors in promoting an effective, transparent, accountable, participatory and citizen-centric public administration through the discussion of key recommendations and policy options.
    • Enhanced cooperation among Member States to innovate, through adaption of good practices, their public administration institutions, structures, mechanisms and processes by establishing on UNPAN a virtual network of government officials and experts working in this area.
    • Recommendations and ideas to develop manuals, tools and guidelines on how to strengthen the capacity of public administration in the four areas of focus.