Департамент по экономическим и социальным вопросам Государственные учреждения
Capacity Building Workshops / AD Hoc Expert Group Meetings
The United Nations Public Service Forum is a unique global event on public governance that provides a platform to explore, discuss and learn about: Emerging challenges, issues and trends - what are the major challenges and issues governments are facing at present and what is their vision for the future?; Innovative practices to address these challenges - what are the governance solutions that are being spearheaded in different parts of the world?; Capacity development strategies, approaches and tools - how can we learn from these practices and what tools are available or can be developed to move forward?

The parallel capacity development workshops and the Expert Group Meeting will be on the following themes:
Expected Results
The forum is expected to achieve the following goals: 
  • Increased knowledge of challenges and trends, best practices and tools in the five inter-related areas, which will be crystallized and further shared with other UN Member States through the United Nations Public Administration Network (UNPAN) and United Nations Public Administration Country Studies (UNPACS) and a relevant publication;
  • Learn about concrete solutions to complex governance challenges and explore the possibility of adapting good practices, through peer-to-peer learning;
  • Share innovative capacity development tools and approaches to build national and local capacity, and brainstorm on the development of manuals and guidelines on how to strengthen the capacity of public administration in the four areas of focus; 
  • Network with government officials, experts, and practitioners from around the world during and beyond the event;
  • Leave the Forum with renewed commitment and inspiration to serve better communities and work together to co-create a better future for all.