Climate Action Fund


"The Climate Action Fund supports community-led projects, activities and events that directly or indirectly (education/outreach) reduce the harmful emissions that contribute to climate change. Eligible projects will: Increase awareness and engagement on climate action at the local level. Strengthen the efforts and capacity of local community agencies, grassroots groups, and resident leaders Activate resources for local COVID-19 recovery efforts, with a focus on engaging vulnerable residents, specifically on youth, isolated seniors and diverse linguistic communities in low-income areas of each cluster. Foster collaboration and cooperation between various sectors. What is Climate Action? Climate actions are any actions that achieve the co-benefits of a healthy, thriving, and equitable city, as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our city. The major sources of greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions in Toronto are from buildings, waste, and transportation. Examples of climate action are listed below in the Eligible Projects section. Co-Benefits of Climate Action Achieving our emission reduction targets will require transformational changes in how we live, work, commute, and build. TransformTO identifies the following added benefits (called ‘co-benefits’) of addressing climate change in Toronto: Advancing social equity Protecting low income residents Improving affordability, especially for vulnerable populations Supporting poverty reduction Enhancing and strengthening the local economy Maintaining and creating good local jobs Improving public health Creating resilient communities and infrastructure Funding is available for each of TO Supports’ geographic or population level clusters. The funding formula will model neighbourhood equity, allocating additional funds to Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, Emerging Neighbourhoods, and population based clusters. Each cluster will receive base funding of $10,000 with an additional equitable allocation. "






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