10 ways to act sustainably


"A frontrunner when it comes to adopting sustainable solutions, Copenhagen has one of the world’s most ambitious climate policies with a goal of being the first carbon-neutral capital city by 2025. With swimmable waterways, more cyclists than cars and giant wind turbines on the horizon serving as a constant reminder of this goal, Copenhagen is surely on track. But we need your help to keep Copenhagen wonderful. So thank you for looking after our city by making little changes for a big impact. We wish you a happy stay. 01 Explore by bike With more than 375 km of bike lanes to explore, the world’s first bike city is best experienced on two wheels. 02 Use public transport Blend in with the locals by enjoying unlimited travel by bus, train and metro with the convenience of a joint ticket. 03 Refill, again and again Danish tap water is of world-class quality so swing by a tap or a public drinking fountain for a free refill. Again and again. 04 Stop plastic Bags, straws and single-use plastics. Please reduce, reuse and consider alternatives for a plastic-free future right now. 05 Return and earn Return your deposit marked empty cans and bottles at a local store and get your deposit back. Pant pays. 06 Bin it, don't sling it Let’s keep our streets clean by using the public bins, sorting our waste when possible for a good recycling process. 07 Shop sustainably Shopping feels good but shopping longlasting and eco-friendly quality goods produced with love feels even better. 08 Splash, don't trash Make sure to be a good mermaid when taking a dip in the harbour for continuously clean waters to splash in. 09 Eat locally Eat seasonally and sustainably by asking for food grown and produced locally. Delicate and delicious, that’s Denmark. 10 Discover beyond Get off the beaten track and discover the Copenhagen livability in the city’s local neighbourhoods for an unforgettable stay. "






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