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Initiative: Everything gurgles! (Alles gurgelt!) 


Institution: City of Vienna


Problem: COVID-19 has had a significant impact on life for almost two years. You can safeguard yourself and those around you by taking frequent tests. The project's overall purpose is to prevent lockdowns, normalize social, economic, and cultural life, and reduce hospitalization and medical intervention. The city of Vienna aims to make the process simple, quick, and dependable by providing free PCR home tests on a regular basis.


Solution: All residents, workers, and students in Vienna have access to free PCR oral tests for COVID-19 on a regular basis. People can register online to receive a barcode and pick up test sets in one of Vienna‚Äôs more than 150 drugstores. The proprietary test set comes with a web app that collects the essential data and ensures that the correct application is used. The samples can be dropped off anywhere in the city in over 680 supermarkets, drugstores, and gas stations. Furthermore, the test has been promoted to relevant industries in coordination with the Vienna Economic Chamber, such as in-person service providers, hotels, and restaurants. The comprehensive school testing began with the start of the new school year in September 2021, with different web app capabilities and a separate logistic system to meet the needs of the schools.


Impact: People can submit their samples to over 680 locations after completing the test at home. The postal service collects samples from all around the city and transports them to the laboratory twice a day. Test sets are also available in every Vienna school. The laboratory can handle up to 500,000 samples per day using pooling approaches in highly controlled processes. The test subject then receives the results via e-mail within a 24-hours. The testing has been instrumental in brining normalcy back to Vienna.



Special Category:

Institutional resilience and innovative responses to the COVID-19 pandemic


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Western Europe and Others


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Everything gurgles! (Alles gurgelt!)
Website: https://www.wien.gv.at/english/

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