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Initiative: Local Government Center (Centro de Gobierno Local) 


Institution: District Secretary of Government (Secretaria Distrital de Gobierno)


Problem: The Local Government Center (CGL) was founded in order to gather reliable data during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist the local mayors of Bogota.


Solution: CGL’s mission is to democratize access to information and better coordinate public actions to achieve the goals set out in District and Local Development Plans. This project is in line with the administration’s aim to fight against corruption in all forms and to build new communication channels with citizens. In this regard, CGL brings the most up-to-date information to the local mayors’ offices in an open and transparent manner. It has also created a single platform for consultation and eliminated duplication and redundancy.


Impact: The CGL web portal provides residents with an up-to-date and easily accessible consultation space on local government administration to promote openness and participation in the decision-making process.



Special Category:

Institutional resilience and innovative responses to the COVID-19 pandemic


Related SDGs: 










Latin America and the Caribbean Group


More information: 

Local Government Center (Centro de Gobierno Local)
Website: https://www.bogotalocal.gov.co/centrogobiernolocal/

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