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Initiative: e-Business Register


Institution: Centre of Registers and Information Systems


Problem: Entrepreneurship in Estonia was being stymied. The process to register a company in Estonia was inefficient and slow. The process required first making an appointment with a notary to prepare the necessary documentation then submit it to an Assistant Judge for review. The process took approximately five days.


Solution: The e-Business Registration System provided integrated e-services to reduce red-tape and improved data quality. The system also allowed other government institutions to use the same information, allowing better data quality control and quicker process. The electronic identity (eID) and electronic signature using Public Key Infrastructure were used to add extra layer of security.


Impact: The e-Business Register improved how companies are established in Estonia. The initiative has been beneficial to both private and public sector mainly by its ease of use and convenience. Company registration or liquidation can be easily completed online and submitted 100 per cent electronically. Data on a company can also be amended electronically. Annual reports can be prepared, automatically checked by the system, audited and submitted through the Portal. During the first year of the portal’s operation in 2007, 30 per cent of the companies were established online. The online registration increased incrementally and by the third quarter of 2014, 90 per cent of the companies were established online. Since the law stipulates that annual reports must be submitted through the Portal, nearly 100 per cent of the annual reports are submitted through the system. User satisfaction of the portal is over 90 per cent.



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Promoting Whole-of-Government Approaches in the Information Age


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