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Initiative: Contraloría Escolar 


Institution: Contraloría General de Medellín


Problem:  In 2008, the General Comptroller of Medellín, carried out training activities on fiscal control of students in educational institutions. At that time, there was no pedagogical proposal in the city of Medellín that would include and convene children and youth to contribute on the care, saving and good use of public resources, natural resources and the environment.


Solution: The Contraloría Escolar aims to strengthen social control in educational management and to promote transparency in the management of public resources. It ensures that public programmes and projects such as the Educational Service Funds, School Restaurants, School Tents, Environmental Projects, recreation, infrastructure projects of the respective institution and its environment, fulfil the proposed objective.


Impact: Student leaders showed interest and commitment to assume the role of watchers. Registration of the Contraloría Escolar in 2010 was showcased as a successful case in the Bank of Civil Service Success when it was in its infancy. It received recognition by the General Audit of the Republic. The programme was also recommended to other districts, departments and municipalities for replication as an innovative strategy. A transfer of knowledge agreement was signed between the Fiscal Control Agency and the Court of Accounts of the Republic of El Salvador. Subsequently, the programme has been implemented in 50 educational institutions in the Republic of El Salvador.



Category 2:

Promoting Transparency, Accountability and Integrity in Public Service


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