United Nations Public Service Award Winners


Initiative: Excellent Happy Home Ward  


Institution: Khaoprangam Municipality


Problem:  There are many elderly members of the community who cannot care for themselves and thus occupy hospital beds to receive care. This impacts hospitals’ capacity, diminishes patients’ quality of life, and exacerbates families’ burden with high medical costs.


Solution: Khaoprangam Municipality established a multidisciplinary team to provide at home services and support to elderly.


Impact: Excellent Happy Home Ward creates a caring system for the poor and vulnerable groups using community as a baseline. The project is made up of a volunteer community, who is supported by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists, and social workers. The multidisciplinary team consists of private and private sector entities. The project does not discriminate against age, social classes or type of chronic disease and all the participants in the programme have complete, equal, and free access to services. The project employs medical and rehabilitation knowledge through local volunteers and the promotion of leaving no one behind within their communities.



Category 3:

Innovation and Excellence in Delivering Services in Health


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Asia and the Pacific Group


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