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Initiative: Social Uplifting through Waste Management  


Institution: Ghanzi District Council, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Botswana Public Service


Problem:  Ghanzi District is in the Kgalagadi Desert, Southwest of Botswana. The low and sparse population has resulted in limited resources being allocated to the district. The lack of development within the villages also contributes to the high level of unemployment. Without any robust industrial activity, a majority of the population do not have the skills or education to gain employment, therefore is often depend on the government social welfare programs. An inadequate waste collection service has left the villagers living amongst uncollected waste, creating further health implications and harming their livelihood.


Solution: The solution was one that sought to tackle the lack of resources needed for waste management and collection by finding alternative community projects. Members of the community were provided with donkey carts and contracted to collect waste within their settlements.


Impact: The initiative improves the cleanliness of the community, creating further awareness on proper management of waste, and reduced illegal dumping of waste. Beneficiaries of the donkey carts have been able to financially support themselves and their families. The programme promoted inclusive and sustainable economic growth, coupled with decent work for all. This also reduced the cost to the local authority in providing the waste collection services. An amount of P316, 920.00 (approximately 30,220 USD) was saved annually. The initiative brought about social cohesion as the community had to be involved at all levels to promote the initiative.



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Reaching the Poorest and Most Vulnerable through Inclusive Services and Partnerships


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Social upliftment through wast management







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