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Initiative: Integrated Approach of Comprehensive Cervical Cancer Control  


Institution: Roi Et Provincial Health Office


Problem:  A major obstacle to cervical cancer treatment is inaccessibility to services. The only conventional screening test was Pap smear which required many processes and a long period before results were available. For abnormal results, the patients must be referred and transferred to more technologically advanced facilities. These facilities were often far away and required time and resources.


Solution: Roi Et Provincial Health Office has collaborated with strategic partners to conduct a pilot project using visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) and cryotherapy for cervical cancer among 4 districts. Women received test results within a minute. For abnormal results, cryotherapy was provided immediately. This method markedly reduced unnecessarily steps and waiting time by combining screening and treatments. This scheme also trains nurses to be providers to solve staff shortages in rural and remote areas.


Impact: HPV vaccination has been given to 95.4 per cent of girls in 5th grade which is greater than the average rate 94.3 per cent. Roi Et Province also has the highest uptake rates of cervical cancer screenings by VIA and Pap smear to identify women with cervical cancer.



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Promoting gender responsive public services to achieve the SDGs


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