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Initiative: Promoting Gender Responsive Public Service to Achieve the SDGs 


Institution:  Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme (ASDSP)


Problem:  The initiative addressed the following challenges i) Lack of strategies for mainstreaming gender in the agriculture sector ; ii) Lack of designated gender sensitive budgets except for bi-laterally supported programmes; iii) Low capacity and awareness on gender; iv) Lack of inclusive approach to gender mainstreaming in most institutions as it is left to gender unit while other units are not involved.


Solution: The initiative facilitates the integration of gender and social inclusion considerations, especially for women and youth in agriculture value chain development (VCD) in 47 counties in Kenya. The nominee facilitated the development of gender policy, gender-based violence strategy for the agriculture sector, gender and social inclusion strategy and action plans.


Impact: Some notable impacts include: i) increase in income for female headed households by 25 per cent and youth by 15 per cent; ii) improvement in household food and nutrition security across all gender divide with an increase from 86.1 per cent to 87.4 per cent (on households whose food consumption patterns has stabilized); iii) increase of farm employment from 1 to 2 employees per household.



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Promoting gender responsive public services to achieve the SDGs


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