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Initiative: Waste Collection Program  


Institution: Prefeitura do Jaboatão dos Guararapes


Problem: Waste collection in Jaboatão dos Guararapes was an informal activity that exposed the waste-collectors to ´Lixão da Muribeca´- an open-air dump yard. This made them vulnerable to diseases, toxic gases and fumes and compromised their social and economical growth.


Solution: In 2009, the dump was closed and the municipality implemented a new scheme to formally employ some of the former waste and street cleaners. The programme offers training courses as well as technical and infrastructure support, aiming also at environmental benefits of waste collection. It prioritizes women and other groups in vulnerable situations, such as HIV-positive, former offenders, former drug addicts to encourage entrepreneurship and self-management of co-operatives. The initiative promotes social inclusion of waste collectors from Muribeca, through training and continuing education, establishing recycling co-operatives and providing them with decent work and sustainable source of income.


Impact: Results in August 2018 showed 90 per cent increase in the average income of the cooperative member, when compared to the average annual income recorded in 2017 to R $1,230.59 (approximately $307 USD).



Category 1:

Delivering Inclusive and Equitable Services to Leave no one Behind


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Latin America and the Caribbean Group


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