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Initiative: La visión 360º de la Seguridad 


Institution: Dirección General de Transformación Digital de la Administración de Justicia (Ministerio de Justicia)


Problem: Traditional forms of accessing, using and sharing judicial information, through physical access to documentation, was slow, cumbersome, difficult to access and prone to security challenges. The Ministry of Justice has worked to streamline and digitize judicial procedures to benefit both professionals working in the area and citizens using it, with the aim of enhancing accessibility, transparency, efficiency and fairness. Doing so requires addressing cyber security challenges to ensure confidentiality of information while maintaining accessibility, integrity, authenticity, traceability and usability.


Solution: The Ministry of Justice developed the Justicia Digital: La visión 360º de la Seguridad (Digital Justice: 360 vision of security) quality plan in 2016 to improve the administrative management of all existing judicial offices in its field through enhanced ICT and training to professionals using it. The strategy is supported by a set of organizational and technological measures, integrating legislative compliance, security, awareness, prevention and surveillance. The processing of a judicial procedure is carried out electronically for the duration of the life-cycle of a judicial procedure, from the presentation of the initial demand to its final resolution, including any appeals, in an efficient, orderly and safe manner. It offers a platform for accessing electronic legal proceedings including online participation, e-information exchange with third parties, access to case information online, recordings of trials and transmission of procedures between judicial bodies. The Cybersecurity Operations Center constitutes the central axis of the security management of the infrastructures and services provided.


Impact: The Ministry of Justice has established an effective, efficient and secure system for accessing online judicial information and undertaking procedures. Since the implementation, complete electronic processing of judicial files has been achieved, with greater security through elements such as secure electronic signatures and secure VPNs being used to ensure confidentiality of information.



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Promoting digital transformation in the public sector


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