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Initiative: Hands-on Mobile ICT Classes Project 


Institution: Ghana Library Authority (GhLA)


Problem: Ghana has an inadequate level of skilled workers in technology, especially ICT skills necessary for the overall development of the country. This problem is caused by, among other things, lack of or inadequate access to computers, internet connection and electricity in schools in poor and rural areas. It could lead to students failing the ICT exams, losing interest in careers in technology, or becoming less competitive in the national and international job markets, which exacerbates poverty in the country.


Solution: The Hands-on Mobile ICT Classes Project was implemented to address the growing need in Ghana for skilled workers in technology for the country's overall development. The project was to help improve the ICT education and ICT exams pass rate of Junior High School students by bringing hands-on mobile computer classes to the remote and under-resourced schools in the country. The idea was to equip a van with low-power laptop computers, solar panels and internet modem to visit under-resourced schools to conduct practical computer classes.


Impact: The Initiative has contributed to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda by improving the quality of education through ICT. It has improved the quality of both basic and secondary education in ICT in poor and rural areas, leading to better examination results, increased desire to explore future careers in technology, and promote lifelong learning opportunities.






Category 1:

Fostering innovation to deliver inclusive and equitable services for all including through digital transformation


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Hands-on mobile ICT classes project
Website: https://www.library.gov.gh

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