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Initiative: Encouraging Innovation to Deliver Inclusive and Equal Services to All 


Institution: Non-profit Joint-Stock Company "Government for Citizens"


Problem: The need to provide inclusive and accessible public services to all, including those living in remote settlements, persons with disabilities, and citizens who do not have time to visit the Public Service Centres.


Solution: The initiative created conditions for delivering high-quality government services to all categories of citizens. Targeted services are now provided based on the actual needs of each region. For example, when mobile public service centres are going to remote areas, their schedules are coordinated in advance with local executive bodies and are subject to the availability of current applications for public services. Active involvement of local NGOs or civil society groups in the process of providing services is also notable. For example, to implement an online translator for the hearing-impaired, feedback from public organizations for people with disabilities and activists were studied and examined.


Impact: Kazakhstanis can receive 95 per cent of all public services in its branches on the principle of a single window. Since 2018, digital public service centers have been launched, where the services is fully automated, without the participation of operators. For 4 years of its activity, the State corporation provided more than 132 million government services in 348 front offices in all regions. The number of public services provided by the State corporation is growing every year. To provide services to the population in remote rural settlements, mobile public service centres were created. In 2019, close to 9,000 visits were carried out and more than 328,000 services were provided by mobile centres.






Category 1:

Fostering innovation to deliver inclusive and equitable services for all including through digital transformation


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Encouraging innovation to deliver inclusive and equal services to all
Website: https://gov4c.kz/

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